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Ep. 191- Encore: Popping On and Off the Breast

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Show Notes:

We are still on a break and wanted to revisit this popular topic. Popping on and off the breast is one of the biggest problems we see in lactation and we’re here to help. P.S. – If you want to hear Heather’s birth story and every other week of Beyond the Boob there’s still time to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or on our Patreon at!

One of the most common breastfeeding problems is when baby just won’t stay latched! Popping on and off through feeds is frustrating for both parent and baby. Today we chat about how we manage this issue in consultation and what some possible causes and solutions are.  This problem is complex, but your friends at the Milk Minute are here to help!

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Listener question: “Heather said, if she had another kid, she’d be an overproducer because of all her knowledge now. Heather, can you elaborate on that?”

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