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Ep. 45 – Chiropractic Adjustment for Lactating Parents and Newborns: with guest Dr. Clare McDaniel, chiropractor

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents
0:30 Welcome to the podcast
0:55 Kicking off with a listener question
3:35 Thank you to our sponsor Aeroflow
4:15 Testimonial about Dr. McDaniel’s chiropractic care
5:44 On to the interview with Dr. Clare McDaniel
6:05 How Dr. McDaniel got into chiropractic
7:53 Addressing upper back pain
8:25 Dr. McDaniel gives the big picture
8:35 What your spine does, how it works
9:34 Changes during pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding
10:50 Benefits of maintenance chiropractic during pregnancy (or always)
11:56 What symptoms indicate we should see a chiropractor
14:00 Dr. McDaniel champions Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil
15:00 Heather summarizes, chiropractic is more than adjustments
16:20 What to expect at a chiropractic appointment
18:33 Chiropractors can work on infants (it’s so cool!)
21:00 How to find a pediatric chiropractor
22:45 Chiropractic and common infant issues
25:00 How chiropractic can help breastfeeding parent
25:35 Tips on what you can do at home
26:42 Can chiropractic help milk supply? (Spoiler, it can.)
27:40 Milk supply and general well-being
28:45 Back to the importance of Omega 3 fatty acids
30:35 Sleeping, important but a challenge
31:15 Keeping good alignment, some great tips
34:56 Chiropractic and breech babies (help them turn!)
40:20 Thank you to our sponsor Breastfeeding for Busy Moms
41:05 The Milk Minute Award in the Alcove!
41:55 Thank you for listening!

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)

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