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Ep. 201 – Return to sex and physical intimacy postpartum – Interview with Connie Lappa

Today on the Milk Minute we’re talking about sex postpartum while breastfeeding. Sex and physical intimacy postpartum can be a touchy subject, but we’re here to help! Our special guest for the day is Connie Lappa, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in individual and couples therapy, sex therapy, infertility and pregnancy loss, postpartum mood disorders and more. Today’s interview delivers expert advice when it comes to restoring a sexual connection with your partner, navigating low libido, increasing intimacy, and how to communicate with your partner about all of the above. Tune in for some words of wisdom and achieve the sex life you’ve been dreaming about (yes, even after a baby)!

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Ep. 200 – Celebrate 200 Episodes with the Milk Minute

Welcome to the 200th Milk Minute episode! It’s been 3 years of sharing all things lactation, body positivity, relationships, and mental health. Your favorite midwife and lactation professional hosts sit down to both acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments with this podcast and in life. Heather and Maureen reflect on who they were and who they’ve become through this incredible journey they’ve had the pleasure of recording week after week.

Join us as we celebrate this Milk Minute milestone!

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Ep. 199- Breastfeeding in The First 3 Days Postpartum

Breastfeeding in the first 3 days postpartum can be both challenging and magical. It’s normal for mothers to face difficulties in the initial days, but important to recognize and appreciate the progress you’re making in your breastfeeding journey. Even when you’re doing everything right it can feel like it’s not working or it’s going wrong. Maureen and Heather are here to make you feel better and give you some guidelines and key indicators that you are in fact…crushing it. Send this to a friend who’s pregnant so they know what to expect the first three days postpartum!

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Ep. 198 – Come Together and Create Lasting Sexual Connections (even after a baby)-Interview with Emily Nagoski, PhD

Get ready for some real talk on The Milk Minute Podcast! Today Maureen and Heather welcome their new friend, favorite author, and podcast guest, Emily Nagoski! Emily is the award-winning author of the New York Times best selling, “Come As You Are” and the “Come As You Are Workbook,” and coauthor, with her sister, Amelia, of New York Times bestseller “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle.” Her next book, “Come Together: The Science (and Art!) of Creating Lasting Sexual Connections” will be out in just 4 days and it is nothing short of incredible.

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Ep. 197 – Welcome Back! What I Learned from Birth #3

Welcome back to the Milk Minute! Maureen and Heather are back from their hiatus and finally finished with holiday madness. Today we recap Heather’s birth and postpartum experience for those of you who don’t also listen to Beyond the Boob. We also chat about the way Heather has changed as a clinician after her recent trouble breastfeeding baby Martie.

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Ep. 196 – Encore: Let’s Talk Nipple Shields

Ahh… nipple shields! Some call them friends, some call them foes. This episode covers it all! Listen in as Maureen and Heather talk through nipple shields, what they are, how and when to properly use them and how to help wean baby off of the shield once they are able to get a great latch without it. Don’t miss this one!

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Ep. 195 – Encore: Rice Cereal: A cautionary tale

You’ve probably heard news articles about infant food safety and heavy metal contamination. Today’s episode of the Milk Minute focuses on the safety and use of infant rice cereal. Your favorite hosts pull together a timeline of historical infant feeding, mass baby food production, and agricultural practices into a cohesive narrative that brings us to the present day. They answer questions of nutrition, safety, and more!

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Ep. 194- Encore: New Mastitis Protocol: Part 2

Did you hear about all the major changes with mastitis? We have made some serious progress in our understanding of why and how clogged ducts and milk blebs happen and we now have much better methods to treat them. Tune into the Milk Minute and let your favorite cohosts give you the low down on the updates.

This information is crucial to both self care and healthcare provider management of these conditions, so don’t miss it!

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Ep. 191- Encore: Popping On and Off the Breast

One of the most common breastfeeding problems is when baby just won’t stay latched! Popping on and off through feeds is frustrating for both parent and baby. Today we chat about how we manage this issue in consultation and what some possible causes and solutions are. This problem is complex, but your friends at the Milk Minute are here to help!

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Ep. 190- Delivery Story: Heather HAD A BABY!

We interrupt your scheduled Milk Minute episodes to bring you a special birthday announcement! Our little podcast baby arrived just after 39 weeks and we made a special little recording just for you.

If this is your first time listening, here’s a recap: Nine months ago Heather surprised Maureen by announcing her pregnancy on the Milk Minute and asking Maureen to be her (homebirth) midwife. From this Beyond the Boob was born; a spin off from the Milk Minute where we took time to just focus on the pregnancy.

Since then its been a wild ride of TMI, prenatal education, and so much more. Today we bring you a very anticipated episode where we document the last prenatal and birth of the baby! While this isn’t the full birth story, we kept a mic set up for updates during labor and kept a little captain’s log just for you. Enjoy some birth deets and raw emotions and get excited for the full story next week!!

If you want to hear the birth story and every other week of Beyond the Boob there’s still time to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or on our Patreon at

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