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Ep. 211 – Dating While Breastfeeding: Stories of lactating singles

Today on the Milk Minute we wanted to give a nod to all of our breastfeeding friends who are dating and doing their best to find a balance as a single parent. This shit ain’t easy and no one is talking about it. Heather became a single parent when her first child was 10 months old and he had self-weaned. However, dating with an infant was extremely challenging. Add breastfeeding onto that and it’s a whole new level. We wanted to read some stories of brave listeners who dated and lactated at the same time and give you a glimpse into that world. Enjoy!

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Ep. 210- Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer

Can you reduce the risk of breast cancer by breastfeeding? Today on the Milk Minute we talk about breastfeeding, breast cancer, and what the science says about their correlation. While it’s wonderful that so many of us make self-less choices as parents, we also want to tell you that it’s okay to consider the benefits to you, your body, and your life when deciding what to do with and for your children. Tune in to learn more!

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Ep. 209- Daycare and Milk Storage: Heather’s personal struggles

Today on the Milk Minute we’re sharing all of Heather’s struggles when it comes to storing milk at daycare and life with baby while also running a business. You read that right. The CNM, IBCLC, and founder of a breastfeeding business and podcast still struggles when it comes to lactation and life with a newborn. Both Maureen and Heather know the struggle of balancing work, life, and keeping their little ones fed and happy.

Let’s face it, dropping your baby off with someone else can be tough. We’re here to normalize those feelings of guilt or hopelessness and offer up some tips for making the daycare transition a little bit easier.

So whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, grab a cup of coffee (or let’s be real, a glass of wine) and join us as we laugh, cry, and navigate this crazy journey called motherhood together. Because when it comes to breastfeeding, milk storage, and daycare dilemmas, we’ve got your back. Here’s to embracing the chaos and finding beauty in the struggle, one Milk Minute at a time.

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Ep. 208 – Melatonin and Breastfeeding

Today on the Milk Minute we explore melatonin and breastfeeding. Melatonin is fascinating and supplementation with this sleep hormone has been a random focus of Maureen’s. We’d like to dig deep into what it is and how it works in the body before we talk about its safety with breastfeeding. Buckle up.

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Ep. 207 – Unlocking Better Sleep for Parents and Babies: A Holistic Approach with Kim Hawley

Join Maureen and Heather on the Milk Minute as we chat with Kim Hawley, IBCLC, of Intuitive Parenting, about unlocking better sleep for parents and babies. From gentle sleep training methods to optimizing breastfeeding practices for better sleep, Kim provides practical tips and compassionate guidance for navigating the often stressful journey of parenting a newborn. Whether you’re a sleep-deprived parent looking for help or an expectant parent doing your research, this episode promises to be a valuable resource!

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Ep. 206 – Ceres Chill Updates: Interview with CEO and Founder Lisa Myers

Today on the Milk Minute, Maureen and Heather reunite with one of their favorite people in the breastfeeding world, Lisa Myers, Founder and CEO of Ceres Chill. If you’ve been listening to the Milk Minute, you already know how much they love Ceres Chill and all it’s done to improve the lives of breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

Listen in as they reminisce about old memories and celebrate how far Ceres Chill has come, including exciting updates about patents and innovations.

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Ep. 205 – Interview with The Tongue Tie Expert: Lisa Paladino

Welcome to the Milk Minute Podcast! Today we’re thrilled to be joined by Lisa Paladino of the Tongue Tie Experts. For those of you who saw the recent pieces in the New York Times about “the big business of cutting babies’ tongues” and have seen Heather’s responding letter to the editor, you know we have lots to discuss with one of the nation’s foremost experts on lip and tongue ties and breastfeeding. Before we dig into the recurring controversy, let’s get to know Lisa and why she does what she does.

Stay ’til the end and we will read you Heather’s spicy letter to the editor of the New York Times!

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Ep. 204- Black Maternal Health and Breastfeeding: Interview with Dr. Toya

This week on the Milk Minute we focus on black maternal health and breastfeeding. Our expert guest is Dr. La Toya Luces-Sampson, a board-certified OBGYN, wife, and mom from Trinidad and Tobago with over a decade of experience. As an entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Toya found her path out of burn out through entrepreneurship and now uses her social media platforms to educate women so that they are empowered to take charge of their reproductive health and advocate for themselves. Join Maureen and Heather as they host yet another incredible interview!

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Ep. 203 – Is Breast Best? Interview with Victoria Facelli, IBCLC, Author of Feed the Baby

Breast is best. We’ve all heard it, now let’s talk about it. Today the Milk Minute is honored to have Victoria Facelli, author of “Feed the Baby: an inclusive guide to nursing, bottle feeding, and everything in between” on the show to discuss her incredible book. This is the kind of book that Heather and Maureen have dreamed of writing and is the perfect step-by-step guide to feeding your baby, complete with illustrations and videos.

Victoria Facelli is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, but not the kind that hates formula. She wrote this book to cut through a lot of the misinformation that parents are faced with, as a resource to empower parents to feed their babies in whatever way works for them!

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Ep. 202 – Breast Surgery and Breastfeeding: Interview with Dr. Katrina Mitchell

In this special episode of the Milk Minute, Heather and Maureen chat with Dr. Katrina Mitchell, a board-certified surgeon, breast oncologist, IBCLC, and PMH-C with over 20 years of expertise. They dive into the topic of breast surgeries, including augmentation, discussing their impact on breastfeeding and the balance between aesthetics and maternal well-being. Join them for a quick but insightful “Milk Minute” as they navigate the intersection of breast health, surgeries, and the beautiful journey of breastfeeding.

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Ep. 201 – Return to sex and physical intimacy postpartum – Interview with Connie Lappa

Today on the Milk Minute we’re talking about sex postpartum while breastfeeding. Sex and physical intimacy postpartum can be a touchy subject, but we’re here to help! Our special guest for the day is Connie Lappa, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in individual and couples therapy, sex therapy, infertility and pregnancy loss, postpartum mood disorders and more. Today’s interview delivers expert advice when it comes to restoring a sexual connection with your partner, navigating low libido, increasing intimacy, and how to communicate with your partner about all of the above. Tune in for some words of wisdom and achieve the sex life you’ve been dreaming about (yes, even after a baby)!

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Ep. 200 – Celebrate 200 Episodes with the Milk Minute

Welcome to the 200th Milk Minute episode! It’s been 3 years of sharing all things lactation, body positivity, relationships, and mental health. Your favorite midwife and lactation professional hosts sit down to both acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments with this podcast and in life. Heather and Maureen reflect on who they were and who they’ve become through this incredible journey they’ve had the pleasure of recording week after week.

Join us as we celebrate this Milk Minute milestone!

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