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Ep. 207 – Unlocking Better Sleep for Parents and Babies: A Holistic Approach with Kim Hawley

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Show Notes:

Join Maureen and Heather on the Milk Minute as we chat with Kim Hawley, IBCLC, of Intuitive Parenting, about unlocking better sleep for parents and babies. From gentle sleep training methods to optimizing breastfeeding practices for better sleep, Kim  provides practical tips and compassionate guidance for navigating the often stressful journey of parenting a newborn. Whether you’re a sleep-deprived parent looking for help or an expectant parent doing your research, this episode promises to be a valuable resource!

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Listener Question: Do formula-fed babies sleep longer, sooner?

Get in touch with Kim Hawley:
Website: Intuitive Parenting DC
Instagram | Facebook | Podcast

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