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Ep. 166- Do I need to Pump and Dump?

So many reasons to celebrate, and we want to encourage you to get out there and have some fun. You may want to have a drink or two when you’re on the beach or at a BBQ, so today let your friends at the Milk Minute help you learn about alcohol consumption while breastfeeding.

Is it safe for baby?

Do you need to pump and dump?

How much is too much?

How long does it take for alcohol to leave your milk?

After a little updated chitchat and a brand new award we are re-running one of our most popular episodes about alcohol and breastmilk. Everyone needs a little break to relax, even your faithful Milk Minute hosts! We’ll be back soon with new content.

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Ep 165 – Am I making Skim Milk!? Human milk fat and infant weight gain

Has anyone ever told you that you need to change your diet to make more fat in your milk? Maybe it was a pediatric provider suggesting that if you could only increase the fat content of your milk, your baby would gain weight properly. Or maybe you saw someone post a picture of a thicc fat plug on their pumped milk, promising that you could have one too if only you did X, Y, and Z! Well today your podcast besties dig into the science of lipidology in human milk! What kind of fats we have in our milk, how our babies use them, and how it really affects infant weight gain. This one does have some good data and we hope it’s reassuring for you!

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Ep. 164 – Breastmilk Composition Changes from Birth to Weaning

Heather and Maureen dig into how breastmilk composition changes from birth to weaning. They answer questions such as: Why is colostrum different from other milk?How does milk change for toddlers? Should we worry about feeding milk from a different age? Let’s dig into just how different each stage of milk is from another. This is a fun, sciencey episode where you can learn with your favorite podcast hosts about what makes human milk so special!

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Ep. 163- Jaundice and Breastfeeding: Why so yellow?

If you’ve had a baby with jaundice you already know how stressful that can be. Maybe your doctor told you that baby needed formula, or that you needed to pump more milk. You probably lost sleep and sanity keeping up with treatment and feeding baby.

Today on the Milk Minute Maureen and Heather dive deep into jaundice. Join your friends to learn about the physiology behind why your baby turns yellow and what we can do about it!

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Ep. 162- Power Pumping: How, When, and Why?

If you’re in a mom group online, you’ve probably seen chatter about power-pumping. At a glance it sounds like everyone does this all the time to maintain or fix their milk supply. But what really is it? Is it evidence based?

Today the Milk Minute talks everything Power Pumping! From how to why and everything in between.

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Ep. 160- How to survive your hospital stay while breastfeeding

Those 48+ hours you spend in the hospital while having your baby can be the longest you’ve ever experienced. Constant checks, uncomfortable bed, noise, lights, on top of labor and postpartum recovery. No wonder breastfeeding is so challenging!Today the Milk Minute tackles how to survive your hospital stay with your favorite co-hosts tips and tricks. Listen in for packing lists, sleep strategies, self-advocacy tips, and much more!

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Ep. 159- Microplastics in Breastmilk

Remember all those articles about microplastics in human milk last year? Well your friends at the Milk Minute are finally tackling the topic.

Why is this happening? Can we do anything to change it? Should we be worried?

Tune in this week to hear all that and more as Heather and Maureen pick apart the tricky topic of microplastic contamination in the human body.

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Ep. 158- Dreamfeeding

What is dream-feeding? Today Maureen and Heather chat about feeding your baby while they sleep. Are there any benefits? Who might want to do this? What’s the theory behind it anyway?

Tune in for questions, awards, and so much more this week on the Milk Minute Podcast!

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Ep. 157- Insufficient Glandular Tissue

Have you ever received a diagnosis of Insufficient Glandular Tissue? Maybe it was suggested after you weren’t able to produce a full milk supply with your last baby. Or the term was tossed out casually when a provider looked at your breasts prenatally.

IGT can be a scary and confusing thing to hear, particularly when you have the goal of exclusive breastfeeding! Today on the Milk Minute Heather and Maureen chat about what IGT is and what it might mean for you.

How much milk can you actually make with IGT? What can you expect? Do you need to breastfeed differently if you suspect you have IGT?

Join the Milk Minute to get the answers to these questions and more today on any podcast platform.

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Ep. 155- Life After Weaning

So you’re almost finished weaning, now what? All that support and information for your continued breastfeeding journey just seems to dry up when you say, “I’m done.”

What does weaning feel like? Should you worry about mastitis? Will you go on an emotional roller-coaster from hormones? What the heck is going to happen!?!

Join Maureen and Heather to chat about life after weaning as they answer all these questions and more!

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