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Ep. 138 – Iron Supplementation and Breastfeeding

Does your baby need an iron supplement just because they’re breastfed? Parents get conflicting messages about whether or not breastmilk and formula provide enough iron and how the introduction of solid foods impacts that. Today on the Milk Minute Heather and Maureen dig into the current guidelines and research to help you navigate these choices!

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Ep. 137- Better Breastfeeding Positioning for Mom & Baby: Interview with Body Mechanics Expert Sarah Mayhan

This week the Milk Minute welcomes Sarah Mayhan of Poised & Powerful Parenthood. Sarah teaches mind-body awareness, movement, alignment, and empowerment through the Alexander Technique. She is a mother, podcast host, and educator who we are so lucky to have on the show! Want to get rid of those pregnancy and breastfeeding aches and pains? Tune in today to learn more!

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Ep. 135 – Fenugreek: Friend or foe?

Fenugreek, is it our friend or foe? If you’re making milk you’ve probably noticed advertisements for herbal supplements to “boost” your supply, or maybe you see lactation cookies and shakes online or at the store. Many, many of these include an herb called Fenugreek as a key ingredient; but does it help? Does it hurt? How do you know whether or not this herb is for you? Tune into the Milk Minute today and join Heather and Maureen to look into the history and current use of this herb, exploring its cultural significance and its clinical study.

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Ep 134. – Veterans and Breastfeeding: Protecting moms who served. Interview with Dr. Jill Inderstrodt

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Milk Minute welcomes Dr. Jill Inderstrodt to talk with us about what’s happening with lactating parents in the military. Dr. Inderstrodt is championing breastfeeding research on mothers who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It is through crucial work like hers that we can anticipate legislation to support military families.

Did you know Congress passed the Protecting Moms Who Served Act of 2021? Maureen & Heather are going to talk about that and SO MANY other things (including single moms and dating while lactating) with Jill, don’t miss it!

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Ep. 133 – The History of Bras

The Brassiere, Over-the-Shoulder Boulder Holder, The Rack Pack, Booby Traps, knocker locker, whatever you want to call it so many of us worldwide sling on a bra each morning and shuck it off with relief when we get home from work each night.

Nursing bras, strapless, underwire, bralettes, sports bras and more!  Billions wear them worldwide, but why? Where did they come from and how did we get to the bras we wear today?

Join Maureen and Heather to go on the journey of the history of bras! Discuss bras old and new, their precursors and their designers on the Milk Minute Podcast.

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Ep. 132 – Review of the Creepiest Breastfeeding Gadgets

It’s spooky season and your favorite cohosts are ready to celebrate by dredging up the creepiest breastfeeding gadgets to talk about on today’s episode! Pumps, bras, bottles, and more – the history of lactation paraphernalia is riddled with weird, funny, and downright dangerous objects. Come have fun with Heather and Maureen on this special Halloween episode of the Milk Minute Podcast!

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Ep. 131- Confusing Feeding Cues: How to “read” your baby

When does your baby need to eat? How do we interpret body language from infants? How do you know which cry is for what?

Before you panic tune into the Milk Minute for a discussion of infant feeding cues with Maureen and Heather. They discuss how to read your baby’s cues and the challenges that can arise in doing so. Let your favorite cohosts help!

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Ep. 130- NEW Mastitis Protocol (Part 2): For Parents

This year the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine updated their protocols for the treatment of Mastitis, clogged ducts, and milk blebs! We have made some serious progress in our understanding of why and how these things happen and we now have much better methods to treat them. Tune into the Milk Minute and let your favorite cohosts give you the low down on the updates. Heather and Maureen want you to have the best information available to manage your own health!

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Ep. 129- NEW Mastitis Protocol (Part 1): For Healthcare Providers

Have you ever dealt with mastitis or clogged ducts? Did you know that the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine updated their clinical guidelines on Mastitis treatment this year? Let your favorite cohosts update you on all the big changes!

This first episode focuses on our new understanding of the physiology of mastitis, aka what the heck is happening in there! Join Heather and Maureen as they explore the real cause of mastitis and talk about the latest research into clogged ducts, milk blebs, and more! Then tune in next week for a dive into the updated treatment options, with a focus on first-line, at home treatments! Stay current and let the Milk Minute help you use the latest and greatest clinical guidelines.

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Ep 128. – Finding the “Ease” in Pregnancy and Birth: Interview with Stephanie King

Tune in to hear the hosts of the Milk Minute chat with Stephanie King, owner of My Essential Birth and host of the Pregnancy and Birth Made Easy Podcast. Stephanie has years of experience as a childbirth educator and doula and created My Essential Birth as a way to provide a comprehensive, evidence based online birth course. Tune in today to take a step toward preparing for your holistic, empowered birth!

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Ep. 127 – Rice Cereal: A cautionary tale

You’ve probably heard news articles about infant food safety and heavy metal contamination. Today’s episode of the Milk Minute focuses on the safety and use of infant rice cereal. Your favorite hosts pull together a timeline of historical infant feeding, mass baby food production, and agricultural practices into a cohesive narrative that brings us to the present day. They answer questions of nutrition, safety, and more!

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