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Ep. 186 – Beyond the Boob: Week 37 (BONUS!)

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Ep. 185- To Carry Wonder: Interview with Emese Parker

The Milk Minute welcomes author and very special guest, Emese Parker, who wrote a new kind of pregnancy book, To Carry Wonder: A Memoir and Guide to Adventures in Pregnancy and Beyond. It combines stories and art with evidence-based information on all 4 trimesters of pregnancy with a BIG mental health focus (which we love). It also includes her personal memoir of her pregnancy journey, which Heather has thoroughly enjoyed reading during her pregnancy! Emese is a WHNP, MPH, and Perinatal Mental Health Specialist. She literally could not be more qualified to write this gem of a book and we are so lucky to have her. Make sure to check out the links below to get your own copy of her WONDERful book!

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Ep. 184- Hypothyroidism and Milk Supply

This week on the Milk Minute, Maureen and Heather talk all about thyroid, specifically hypothyroidism and how it affects milk supply. The thyroid is a gland found in the front of your neck. It secretes hormones that play an important part in lactation by regulating prolactin and oxytocin. Now how the thyroid affects lactation is a pretty complex issue. They try and break it down for you as simply as they can. Tune in to learn more!

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Ep. 183- Latched Mama Interview with Founder and CEO Melissa Wirt

This week on the Milk Minute, Maureen and Heather had the honor of interviewing the founder and CEO of Latched Mama, Melissa Wirt. Melissa is a mother of six, certified lactation counselor, and the inspiring working mom behind Latched Mama, the breastfeeding apparel company and online motherhood community.

Melissa created more than just a clothing company, but a compassionate place that adapts to the needs of their employees with some incredible parental leave and lactation support. Enjoy a real, raw and inspiring chat with Heather and Maureen’s newest friend in the women-owned business community and treat yourself to 15% off a purchase using code MilkMinute15.

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Ep. 182- Breastfeeding Your 9 Month Old

Everyone talks about breastfeeding your newborn, but today the Milk Minute is here to talk about breastfeeding your 9 month old. Maureen and Heather answer some of their most asked questions in terms of what to expect, how to handle  obstacles and what you can do to feel the most prepared. Distracted nursing, busy older babies, adding solids, offering water, biting, maintaining milk supply, breast refusal and weaning are all covered in today’s episode!

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Ep. 181- Bone Density and Breastfeeding

Does pregnancy and breastfeeding jack up your bones? As midwives and lactation consultants, your Milk Minute cohosts hear a lot of folks talk about their back pain, hip pain, and other issues after having kids, but is it just anecdotal or is there truth behind that? Tune in to learn more!

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Pump Pleasantly with CoBoo Pumping Spray: Interview with Cofounders Jenny and Michelle

Nipple pain, pumping friction, and chaffing. Sound familiar? This week on the Milk Minute, Heather and Maureen sit down with cofounders of CoBoo to discuss their revolutionary pumping spray. Jenny and Michelle are incredible sisters, mothers and businesswomen that have changed the pumping game. As mothers we go through a lot to provide for our children. Great news! Pain and suffering while pumping is about to become a thing of the past, all thanks to the incredible dream team behind CoBoo.

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Ep. 179- Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding: Heather’s personal story

Are you worried breast augmentation will affect your breastfeeding journey? Maybe you want implants, but you’ve been told you can’t breastfeed with them. Today on the Milk Minute Heather gets personal about her breast implants and the story regarding why, when and what exactly she had done (not that getting personal is anything new for the podcast). Breastfeeding with implants is very much possible…she did it with Heidi and plans to with baby #3. Listen in for an honest review of her experience and we hope it will help you make decisions regarding your own breast augmentation.

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Ep. 178- Breastfeeding Friendly Bottle Feeding

Are you having trouble with your breastfed baby taking a bottle? Maybe you’re heading back to work and you’re nervous their caregiver won’t be able to feed them. Today on the Milk Minute, Maureen and Heather share what they’ve learned as providers when it comes to bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

They chat about their personal favorite bottles, why they love them and help you find the bottle that’s right for you and your baby. It’s absolutely possible to bottle feed in a way that decreases impact on breastfeeding and your favorite breastfeeding podcast hosts are here to tell you how!

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Ep. 177- How to Create a Breastfeeding Friendly Business

Attention business owners: this episode of the Milk Minute is for you! Today Maureen and Heather talk about how to become a breastfeeding friendly business both for your employees and customers. With the fastest growing segment of the workforce being women with infants and young children, they’re here to tell you why it’s in the best interest of your company to provide an environment that’s supportive of their lifestyle.

As business owners themselves, they’re proud to help change the culture around lactation in the workplace as well as guide you step-by-step through creating a breastfeeding friendly business of your own.

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Ep. 176- Cluster Feeding Survival Guide

This week on the Milk Minute, Heather and Maureen talk about one of their most asked about topics – cluster feeding. They get brutally honest when it comes to the reality of cluster feeding and that is, it can be a real B**CH. Don’t worry – they’ve got tips to help get you through those days that seem to last an eternity. So what exactly is cluster feeding? Is your baby cluster feeding? Is there a timeline for it? Can you predict and plan for it? They answer all these questions and more in today’s episode. Tune in to hear about how you can feel more prepared and confident when the dreaded cluster feedings happen.

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