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Ep. 193: Encore: New Mastitis Protocol: Part 1

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Show Notes:

Got mastitis? Learn all about the new protocol to help you get through this holiday season while breastfeeding. When you’re traveling and you and your baby are eating and sleeping differently, it’s easy for mastitis to come along.

Have you ever dealt with mastitis or clogged ducts? Did you know that the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine updated their clinical guidelines on Mastitis treatment this year? Let your favorite cohosts update you on all the big changes in a 2 part series.

This first episode focuses on our new understanding of the physiology of mastitis, aka what the heck is happening in there! Join Heather and Maureen as they explore the real cause of mastitis and talk about the latest research into clogged ducts, milk blebs, and more! Then tune in next week for a dive into the updated treatment options, with a focus on first-line, at home treatments! Stay current and let the Milk Minute help you use the latest and greatest clinical guidelines.

We’re still on a break over here at the Milk Minute, so please enjoy one of our most impactful episodes, especially this time of year. If you want more new content please head over to our spin-off show: Beyond the Boob. Please consider supporting us by subscribing on Apple Podcasts or on our Patreon at Milk Minute Podcast | Patreon

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Listener question: Can you get rid of an oversupply? I have one breast that produces a lot more milk and I want it to be even with the other one.

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Physician Guide to Breastfeeding
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Clinical Protocol #36:
The Mastitis Spectrum, Revised 2022

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