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Ep. 199- Breastfeeding in The First 3 Days Postpartum

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Show Notes:

Breastfeeding in the first 3 days postpartum can be both challenging and magical. It’s normal for mothers to face difficulties in the initial days, but important to recognize and appreciate the progress you’re making in your breastfeeding journey. Even when you’re doing everything right it can feel like it’s not working or it’s going wrong. Maureen and Heather are here to make you feel better and give you some guidelines and key indicators that you are in fact…crushing it. Send this to a friend who’s pregnant so they know what to expect the first three days postpartum!

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Listener Question: I’m interested in having a home birth, and I’m wondering why in hospitals, baby and mom need to have vitals checked every 2 to 4 hours and whether that is just unnecessary and therefore doesn’t happen with home births?

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