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Ep. 178- Breastfeeding Friendly Bottle Feeding

Are you having trouble with your breastfed baby taking a bottle? Maybe you’re heading back to work and you’re nervous their caregiver won’t be able to feed them. Today on the Milk Minute, Maureen and Heather share what they’ve learned as providers when it comes to bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

They chat about their personal favorite bottles, why they love them and help you find the bottle that’s right for you and your baby. It’s absolutely possible to bottle feed in a way that decreases impact on breastfeeding and your favorite breastfeeding podcast hosts are here to tell you how!

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Ep. 177- How to Create a Breastfeeding Friendly Business

Attention business owners: this episode of the Milk Minute is for you! Today Maureen and Heather talk about how to become a breastfeeding friendly business both for your employees and customers. With the fastest growing segment of the workforce being women with infants and young children, they’re here to tell you why it’s in the best interest of your company to provide an environment that’s supportive of their lifestyle.

As business owners themselves, they’re proud to help change the culture around lactation in the workplace as well as guide you step-by-step through creating a breastfeeding friendly business of your own.

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Ep. 176- Cluster Feeding Survival Guide

This week on the Milk Minute, Heather and Maureen talk about one of their most asked about topics – cluster feeding. They get brutally honest when it comes to the reality of cluster feeding and that is, it can be a real B**CH. Don’t worry – they’ve got tips to help get you through those days that seem to last an eternity. So what exactly is cluster feeding? Is your baby cluster feeding? Is there a timeline for it? Can you predict and plan for it? They answer all these questions and more in today’s episode. Tune in to hear about how you can feel more prepared and confident when the dreaded cluster feedings happen.

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Ep. 175- What I’ll Do Different with Breastfeeding This Time: Heather’s Plan

Today on the Milk Minute we learn all about Heather’s birth plan and everything she’d like to do differently with baby #3 from birthing, immediately after birth, lactation, diapers, to anything and everything postpartum. Your two lactation BFFs and favorite cohosts get personal while sharing life updates as well as some announcements about the podcast. Tune in to hear how Heather is preparing to make #3 her best birth and postpartum yet with the help of her midwife, Maureen.

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Ep. 174- What are those bumps on my nipples?

This week on the Milk Minute, your favorite hosts talk all about…you guessed it, nipples. Heather’s bump has been in the spotlight but today they’re shining a light on different kinds of bumps. Maybe you’ve wondered, “What are those bumps on my nipples? Should I pop them?” (Spoiler alert: you shouldn’t!) “Does milk come out of those bumps? What exactly is an areola?”

Maureen and Heather answer all of these questions and more when it comes to those two extra sensitive milk dispensers on your chest. Tune in for an episode on anatomy and learn more about how your body is incredibly designed to facilitate breastfeeding.

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Ep. 173- Dairy Elimination and Breastfeeding

Today on the Milk Minute Heather and Maureen tackle the hot topic of dairy allergies. Most of their patients who are dealing with this are on strict elimination diets and have persistent PTSD from symptoms in their infant. It can be incredibly frustrating and incredibly confusing. Not to mention the “cure” is really disruptive to our lives (aka- no cheese?) and the real test is reintroduction?!

Tune in as we try to break this down for you in simpler terms and hope that we can give you some peace of mind!

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Ep. 172- Should I Stop Breastfeeding?

Heather and Maureen tackle one of the hardest questions clients bring into them today: “Should I stop breastfeeding?” Knowing when to truly throw the towel in and change your plans is extremely hard for some folks, particularly when so much value has been placed on your breastfeeding relationship – whether by you or others. This episode is here to reassure you that it’s ok to ask that question, and it’s ok to answer it with “now”. Your friends at the Milk Minute recorded this episode to help you find the next best step for YOU and your family.

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Ep. 171 – Herbs and Milk Supply with Maureen Farrell

Join Maureen for a special episode to chat all about lactation Herbs! Heather needed some time away so we get to branch out from our normal content and dive a little deeper into herbal galactagogues.Tune into hear how to use some of Maureen’s favorite plant allies to boost your milk supply. This episode is for the folks out there who have tried everything else. You’ve seen the LC, you’ve optimized pumping/feeding, you’ve looked for deeper problems, etc – if that describes you then you’re a great candidate for some herbal support.

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Ep. 170- Breastfeeding as a Neurodiverse Parent

Join Heather and Maureen on the Milk Minute today to look at breastfeeding as a neurodiverse parent. This episode focuses on personal experiences and anecdotes from clients. We explore management of sensory processing issues, increased anxiety, time blindness, clear communication, unpredictability and more. Let’s chat about how we can support ourselves or our partners transitioning into ‘neurospicy’ parenthood!

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Ep. 169- Indigenous Breastfeeding with Angie Sanchez

Today we welcome Angie Sanchez to the Milk Minute! Angie is an indigenous woman who is currently a PhD student at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on increasing access to breastfeeding support resources in Indigenous communities. She joins us on the podcast to discuss her work and the importance of supporting culturally appropriate indigenous breastfeeding practices. Angie is fundraising for her project so lets show her some Milk Minute love by contributing! You can help meet the needs of tribal communities in Michigan through the Sacred Waters Collective right now.

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Ep. 168- How to Support your Breastfeeding Friends: Interview with a Childless-Auntie

Join Heather and Maureen for a feminist frolic to Spinster City as they interview Heather’s single, childfree friend Abigail. They ask the hard-hitting questions and break it down to the heart of our weird cultural war between parents and non-parents. The gals talk building community and finding support from childfree friends in unexpected ways – especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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BONUS: Beyond the Boob Episode 13

Welcome to week 13 of Beyond the Boob! We’re on the cusp of the second trimester this week and moving forward at lightning speed. Come chat with us about the struggle to clothe yourself in an ever-changing body and let’s check in about prenatal symptoms! Are you having trouble communicating with your partner about your needs? Or your partner having trouble hearing you? Dive into the relationship divide between the pregnant person and their spouse and let’s brainstorm how to keep our relationships responsive and dynamic. This week Heather levels about what’s helpful and what’s not, what things we notice that our partners don’t, and how to meet somewhere in the middle.

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