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Bonus Episode – Current Events June 2022

Current events have been challenging to keep up with, every day feels like the headlines are making history globally and here in the USA. Today on the Milk Minute your hosts have a little candid chit chat about what’s going on in the US and how it affects our listeners. M & H talk about the Supreme Court, the PUMP act, the Formula act, and more. Join them for a little bonus mid-week mini-sode.

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Ep. 115 – Abortion Care While Breastfeeding

Most people in the United States who have abortions are already parents, which means many folks who are breastfeeding may be accessing this medical care. Today Heather & Maureen discuss the safety of abortion procedures and medications during lactation, as well as current events surrounding legality and access to care.

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Ep 114. – Pump Review Pt. 3

Today the Milk Minute brings you part 3 of our pump review series. Join Heather once again to hear Maureen’s very candid opinion of the pumps she tried recently! This episode covers the Limerick Joy, BellaBaby Pocket, and Medela Freestyle.

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Ep 111. 5 Ways to Improve Your Breastfeeding Journey

Do you want to love breastfeeding? Join Maureen and Heather today to talk about how you can improve your lactation journey. Let your favorite cohosts guide you to a simplified version of feeding your baby by investing in the right tools and resources, re-evaluating your goals, and more! M + H don’t just want you to succeed in feeding your baby, they want you to love it too.

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Ep. 110 Pump Review Pt. 2

Join your favorite podcast for part two of the breast pump review series! Today Maureen talks about her experience with the Freemie and Imani (Legendairy Milk) pumps. Hear more candid thoughts on how these pumps do and don’t work for the parents who really need them.

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Ep 109- Formula Shortage and Relactation

Okay. I will finally do the reveal. We’re talking about formula shortages and relactation today. Yeah. We wanted to bring you in slow to reduce the fear-mongering that has been going around the internet and the media, and just give you the actual facts of how we got here and then what you can do about it.

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Ep 108- Lifecycle of the Breast

It’s time to get nerdy with your favorite cohosts! This week, Maureen and Heather dig way back to the very beginning of human breast development, and follow it all the way through weaning. This one is for all the providers and science lovers listening! Let’s get together and talk about hormones, growth and development, gender and sex, puberty, cellular differentiation, and more!

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