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Ep. 204- Black Maternal Health and Breastfeeding: Interview with Dr. Toya

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Show Notes:

This week on the Milk Minute we focus on black maternal health and breastfeeding. Our expert guest is Dr. La Toya Luces-Sampson, affectionately known as Dr. Toya on social media, is a wife, mother, board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Physician Coach. As a coach, she helps Physician Moms who are postpartum and beyond, go from anxiety and resentment to feeling confidence and joy.  Join Maureen and Heather as they host yet another incredible interview!

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Listener question: I have a 13-month-old and am considering weaning, but the pediatrician said that breastmilk still has antibodies at this stage and that could help with preventing illness. Is that true?

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Coaching for Physician Moms
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Postpartum Support International – PSI
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