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Ep. 49 – Can You Spoil a Baby? Spoiler Alert: Nope.

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents 

0:30 Welcome to the sensitive topic of “spoiling your baby” 

1:25 Thank you to our sponsor Liquid IV 

2:10 Listener question answered

6:10 Now the episode: first, what shaming can look like

8:15 “Spoiled” defined (hint: it doesn’t apply to babies)

9:20 Babies are primal: they’re wired only for hunger, safety, uncomfortable

11:00 Wants vs. needs: babies have needs only

11:35 Culture and how we handle babies

12:45 You’re body has needs and you also have wants

12:55 How your baby and your body function together (it’s amazing!) 

15:22 The first few (~6) weeks of life: not a time to “train” your baby

21:00 Listening to your body: you are the best judge of the best thing to do

22:08 It doesn’t always have to be you: partners and friends can help!

23:00 Baby needing you so much isn’t forever! 

24:25 Children and abstract thought 

25:35 A helpful book, science behind brain development: The Toddler Brain

27:00 Trusting your gut, worrying less is helpful

29:40 Heather shares a thought that brings her comfort

31:00 Don’t listen to people who are trying to shame you!

31:45 Thank you to our sponsor Happi Tummi

32:55 The Milk award in the alcove!! 

33:45 Thank you for listening!  


The Toddler Brain: The Surprising Science Behind Your Child’s Development from Birth to Age 5 by Dr. Laura Jana:

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