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Ep. 50 – Ask us ANYTHING! Celebrating 50 episodes and 9 months of podcasting!

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Table of Contents
0:30 Welcome to the 50th episode! Heather sings us in!
1:20 Maureen is almost due!
2:20 Today we answer anything you asked, anything!
3:35 Thank you to our sponsor Happi Tummi
4:50 Question 1: what’s the craziest home birth experience?
5:50 Q2: Dangle bumping: please discuss!
8:10 Q3: How many births have you been a part of?
10:00 Q4: Maureen: How many farm animal births have you attended?
12:25 Q5: Where’s the weirdest place your baby’s ever pooped?
16:55 Q6: Maureen: what are you most excited about bringing home new baby?
18:55 Q7: What has my 4-month-old started spitting up?
20:00 Q8: Are you having more babies?
21:45 Q9: Have you thought about making a book or audiobook?
21:50 Heather did write a breastfeeding handbook
22:35 Q10: Do the new period underwear actually work?
25:42 Q11: Your path to the lactation profession and advice, please discuss.
30:55 Lactation certifications
37:00 Q11b: Advice for someone making a career in lactation?
38:00 Q12: Is it normal for breastfeeding baby to want to eat when they need to poop?
39:10 Q13: Most embarrassing thing that’s happened during breastfeeding?
41:25 Q14: One breastfeeding myth you used to believe?
43:25 Q15: Is it common for nipples to spray?
44:40 Q16: 3 pieces of wisdom for 1st time pregnant person
50:40 Last questions: What role do vitamins/minerals play in milk supply?
53:25 Thank you to our sponsor Liquid IV
54:25 The Milk Minute awards in the alcove! For US!
56:45 Thank you for listening for 50 episodes! We love you!!
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Thanks to Cherie Louise Turner for editing and production and to Lindsay Brett Carothers for her musical stylings of our intro and outro.
Additional music credits, thank you Wataboi and Quality Online Media from Pixabay.
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