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Ep. 46 – Exclusive Pumping

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents
0:30 Welcome 
0:55 Thank you to sponsor Heather ONeal
1:45 Listener question: breastfeeding & a preemie who can’t feed yet
4:45 Thank you to sponsor Aeroflow
5:30 A first-hand story of exclusive pumping
10:18 Thoughts on this story
11:05 Difficulties without help, knowledge, preparation
12:45 Hope is not a plan
16:05 Top 3 risks for exclusive pumpers
16:20 Clogged milk ducts
18:25 Risk 2: mastitis
19:30 Risk 3: low supply
21:25 Stress of seeing variations in output
23:45 Pumping on demand vs. on a schedule
25:55 The power of self-breast massage
26:30 Help with feeding/pumping enough
27:48 Skin to skin with baby: always great!
28:40 Pumping on demand
32:50 Things exclusive pumpers notice 
33:00 The cream line (this shouldn’t be a worry)
38:00 Milk changes smells, colors; it’s normal
39:30 We have others episodes that may help
40:13 Milk Minute Award in the Alcove
41:20 Thank you for listening!

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