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Ep. 47 – Part 1/2: America did it again . . . how we killed the infant gut microbiome (and these scientists working to fix it!) With guests Dr. Tracy Shafizadeh & Dr. Bethany Henrick with Evolve Biosystems

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Table of Contents
0:00 We’re talking about the infant gut microbiome
1:10 Special interview with Evolve Biosystems scientists: Part 1 of 2
3:47 Thank you to our sponsor Breastfeeding for Busy Moms
4:35 Guests: scientists Tracy Schafizadeh & Bethany Hendrick
6:35 Why study “baby poop” & breast milk
9:55 Defining “human milk oligosaccharides,” aka HMOs
10:05 Defining the (really important) “b infantis” bacteria
10:35 Why and how Evolve Biosystems started
11:15 Let’s talk about HMOs, details are important
14:30 Understanding how b infantis works
15:10 What is a microbiome?
16:50 The birth fecal-oral transfer: it’s set-up by nature!
18:15 B infantis and nonvaginal births
21:25 Finding: 97% of US babies have no b infantis
22:15 Relationship between b infantis and breastmilk
24:15 How b infantis changes baby poop
26:25 What changing pH mean
27:10 Gut health connected to overall health
28:00 Why don’t we have b infantis in the US anymore?
30:55 Other countries’ babies have b infantis: Are they better off?
35:15 Microbiome and immune system: bosom buddies
36:00 What can we do to help infant guts in the US? Yes!
37:30 Not all b infantis is the same!
41:09 Thank you to our sponsor The Wandering Womb
41:50 A summary of what we’ve covered in Part 1 (of 2)
44:05 Part 2 next week: what we’ll cover
45:45 Thank you for listening!
Evolve Biosystems

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