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Ep. 23- Breastfeeding & Birth Control

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Show Notes:

Episode 23: Birth Control


Table of Contents:
0:59 Birth Control and Lactation
1:50 Why do we talk about this prenatally?
2:44 What are my options?
3:17 Breastfeeding Friendly Options!
3:38 Condoms and other Barrier Methods
5:13 Diaphragms
6:38 Cervical Caps and where is my cervix?
8:15 Menstrual Cup Tangent…
9:40 Lactation Amenorrhea Method, LAM (yes it can work)
14:53 Vaginal Progesterone Ring (not in the USA, sorry!)
16:40 Thanks Aeroflow
18:30 Mini Pill
19:32 Copper IUD
25:00 Technically “breastfeeding friendly” IUDs and others, but maybe not…
29:00 Nexplanon Implant, or the Anti-Pregnancy Dumdum Stick
32:00 Depo Shot
35:00 Definitely Not Breastfeeding Friendly, Combo pills and others…
35:35 Combo Hormonal Ring (Nuva Ring and others)
36:04 The Patch
37:12 Hormonal Birth Control and Postpartum Depression
37:40 Abstinance
38:09 Natural Fertility Tracking Methods, and Tools to make this more accurate!
40:27 Pull-Out Method
43:11 Sign off!Emergency Contraception

Fertility Awareness Method:
Lady Comp:
Menstrual Cup Information:
Compact Lily Cup!
General Info

Thanks to Heather ONeal for her magical editing powers, and to Lindsay Brett Carothers for her musical stylings.

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