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Ep. 24- Exercise And Breastmilk- Will it hurt your supply?

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Show Notes:

Episode 24: Exercise and BreastmilkTable of Contents0:53 Intro1:56 You should exercise!2:10 Get yourself a NICE, new bra. Be comfortable!2:45 Well what is exercise anyway?4:02 When, What, How? It’s all individual 4:20 Pelvic Floor Issues on top of it all…5:11 Is this going to decrease my milk supply?6:31 Thanks Happi Tummi!8:11 Tight Bra, Big Mistake9:23 Start Slow, Be Patient10:45 How Does that Sweat Taste?11:40 Lifting, Repetitive Arm Movement, and Plugged Ducts12:56 Hydration? How much do I drink?16:13 Be hydrated, nourished, and move!

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