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Ep. 40 – Babywearing and Breastfeeding: a review of history, biology, and options!

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Table of Contents
0:30 Welcome to the podcast!
1:10 Listener question of the week
3:40 Thank you to our sponsor Taking Cara Babies Sleep Courses
4:30 Today we’re talking about baby wearing
4:34 First, Heather has stuck to her vitamin D commitment
6:00 Baby wearing, some species biology
12:20 Baby carriers go way back in history
13:00 People shifted toward not carrying
14:24 Baby carrying associated with non-Western culture
14:55 Baby carrier made a comeback in 1970s
15:00 A word about cultural appropriation
16:44 Overview of what’s available
17:00 But first, breastfeeding benefits with baby wearing
19:13 Baby carrier types and how to use them
19:25 Woven wraps
21:14 The stretchy wrap
22:28 The ring sling
23:05 The pouch sling and T-shirt carriers
24:30 Structured carriers
25:56 Soft structured carriers: Mei Tai, Onbuhimo
27:18 Different season, different carrier
27:24 Carrier as a shirt (bonus: skin to skin!)
28:07 Really structured carriers
28:20 Give them a try; we share our experiences
31:50 Thank you to our sponsor
32:35 The Milk Minute Awards in the Alcove!
33:30 Thank you for listening!
Video: how to wear a Mei Tai wrap, with Lisa Bass from Farmhouse on Boone
Video: how to tie a Mei Tai wrap
Heather on the Farmhouse on Boone podcast with Lisa Bass, talking about breastfeeding, birth, and baby wearing
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