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Ep. 41 – Managing Trauma while Breastfeeding: a personal story, what to notice, ways to move through it

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Show Notes:

Trigger warning and warning for little ears: this episode discusses sexual assault. While the discussion isn’t graphic or detailed, it may not be appropriate for younger listeners and it may trigger some listeners. Sexual and other trauma among women is very common, and unprocessed trauma often resurfaces during experiences of childbirth and breastfeeding. We seek to shed a light on this reality by talking about our own experiences, Heather’s in particular, and ways to move through to healing and enjoying your breastfeeding experience. We’re here for you.

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Table of Contents
0:30 Welcome to the podcast
1:40 Listener question of the week
3:15 Thank you to our sponsor The Wandering Womb
4:00 We’re recording at Maureen’s farm
5:12 Heather shares exciting updates and looks back
8:50 Reflecting on: breastfeeding can be emotionally charged
9:30 Breastfeeding can resurface old trauma
10:23 Heather to share her story, from trauma to healing
10:51 Today’s topic: emotionally charged breastfeeding
11:05 Heather’s assault story and path to midwifery
12:27 Shout out: National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673
13:08 The trauma response: Heather’s journey
19:50 Birth process can bring old trauma to the forefront
22:00 Pelvic area and trauma: a discussion of connection
22:55 Relating trauma to breastfeeding
24:25 Coping by dissociation: makes breastfeeding difficult
24:55 Step-by-step “feels the same, not the same” takeaway tool
27:43 Therapy can help
29:10 Postpartum Support International contact info (see below)
29:55 Did I experience trauma? Big “T” trauma; little “t” trauma
32:27 Breastfeeding and emotional discomfort
32:55 Repressed trauma
33:52 What it means to process trauma
34:10 Discussing book “Burnout”
35:35 Heather’s trauma process journey: EMDR
38:14 There’s also Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)
38:54 There are many options to process trauma
40:50 You are your best teacher
42:00 Restating resources available to you
42:53 Heather’s message of healing and progress
43:55 Thank you to our newest Patron, Samantha
46:40 Thank you to our Breastfeeding for Busy Moms
47:30 Two Milk Minute Awards in the Alcove!
48:48 Thank you for listening!

Brené Brown podcast with Burnout authors Emily and Amelia Nagoski

National Sexual Assault hotline: 1-800-656-4673

Postpartum Support International:; hotline: 1-800-944-4773; text line: English, 1-800-944-4773; Spanish, 971-420-0294

This American Life, “Ten Sessions”

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