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Ep. 31- Vitamin D: How to supplement and Why we need to

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents

0:35 Today’s topic is Vitamin D
1:05 More than for healthy bones
1:10 Vit. D, great for your immune system!
1:35 Thank you to our sponsor Taking Cara Babies
2:30 Not enough Vit. D: It’s not good!
3:35 Most people are Vit. D deficient
4:40 Won’t nature just take care of us?
5:25 Modern hygiene and low Vit. D
6:50 Vit. D dietary sources (hint: they’re not enough)
8:35 Bodies can make a lot of D in the sun
9:08 Using sunscreen: a debate
11:12 Gaps in Vit. D research (there are too many!)
12:05 Evidence that low D is quite bad
13:43 Anecdote: low D and dysfunctional labor
15:50 Low D and vaginitis
16:40 Thank you to our sponsor The Wandering Womb Etsy shop
17:24 What are normal Vit. D levels?
17:40 Supplementation, some thoughts
18:30 Recommended supplements amounts
18:55 Why start supplementing in pregnancy
20:22 Supplements and your baby
22:00 Tips for giving vitamins to babies
24:30 Supplementing yourself for baby
26:15 Respiratory illness and low D in babies
26:55 Our takes on supplementation
28:30 Heather watched “Hamilton”
29:30 Summary of information
Thanks to Cherie Louise Turner for editing and production and to Lindsay Brett Carothers for her musical stylings of our intro and outro.
Additional music credits, thank you Wataboi and Mazzaccaro from Pixabay.
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