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Ep. 25- Lactation after a loss- The episode we ALL need to hear.

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Show Notes:

Episode 25: Lactation after a loss- The episode we ALL need to hear. 
Table of Contents 
0:53 October is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month; October 15 is the international observation day 
2:05 Miscarriage is Common
3:15 Why is our society so weird about grief? 
3:25 Should we wait to announce a pregnancy?
3:55 The importance of grieving a loss and How to talk about it 
5:45 Thank you Aeroflow
7:40 How to be a supportive friend, partner, family member 
14:50 Homebirth and Stillbirth
16:55 The hospital experience and infant death 
18:15 Advocating for your needs
19:15 Photographs and keepsakes
20:33 Seeing your baby and taking baby home 
21:10 Burial and Cremation 
22:37 Lactation after a pregnancy or infant loss 
23:22 Talking to your provider about what to expect
24:00 When your body transitions into milk-making mode
24:25 Heather’s experience with a triage call 
26:10 Lactation when you aren’t going to breastfeed
27:35 Tips on using cabbage leaves for engorgement
28:45 Next steps for pain and discomfort: herbs and medication
31:35 Donate your milk?
33:00 A first-hand story: the healing power of donating breast milk 
36:24 Heather’s story about infant loss in her family
38:10  We have a lot of resources for you 

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Thanks to Cherie Louise Turner for editing and production, and to Lindsay Brett Carothers for her musical stylings of our intro and outro.

For music used in the show, credits and thank yous go to Wataboi for the tracks “Cali” and “U said it v13 souncloud,” from Pixabay. 

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1. – where we read that personal story from Monique

2. – A nationwide organization designed to aid and support bereaved parents and their families who are struggling to survive their grief after the death of a child.

3. – Locate a baby loss doula to help you through this difficult time or sign up to become a baby loss doula. loss doulas

4. – photography – A nonprofit that provides remembrance photography for families facing infant death.

5. – generally more resources for infant loss awareness day

6. – SHARE is a not-for-profit nondenominational organization providing support to those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or newborn death

7. – If you are miscarrying or found out that your baby is not expected to survive past delivery, the website walks you through a path of informational links specific to your situation.

REGIONAL resources

1. – Serving OH, doula support and beyond

2. – Serving Pittsburgh and surrounding areas

3. -Perinatal Bereavement Support group – Huntington WV

4. – WV Perinatal Partneship offers bereavement training and resources5.

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