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Ep. 26 – Workplace accommodations with guest Juliana Franco – Know your rights!

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Show Notes:

Episode 26: Workplace Accommodation with guest Juliana Franco – Know your rights!

Table of Contents0:42 Welcome. Guest introduction: Juliana Franco1:45 Juliana describes work at Center for Worklife Law3:07 Thank you to our sponsor Happi Tummi4:40 Juliana’s workplace and accommodations5:20 Discuss Juliana’s magazine article5:50 Wage earning moms and workplace accommodation denial7:35 Workplace accommodation denial stats8:24 Asking for accommodations9:15 Accommodations as flashpoint for discrimination10:00 Cases of workplace lactation descrimination12:15 Workplace as hurdle for lactating moms13:40 Cold mop closet as “pumping room”14:50 Thank you to our sponsor Aeroflow17:00 Advocating for workplace accommodations17:42 Play to request accommodations19:15 For healthcare providers: effective accommodation letters19:42 Effective healthcare provider letters22:02 Requesting accommodations, fearing retaliation25:00 Litigation and workplace accommodation27:08 Free information and support resources are available27:57 How do we make a better future?29:50 Juliana’s takeaway thoughts, resources31:19 Thank yous to new Patreon patrons! Happy birthday Molly!

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“The Health Care Provider’s Role in Securing Work Accommodations for Pregnant and Postpartum Patients,” in Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, by Juliana Franco, Liz Morris, Jessica Lee, and Joan C. Williams: legal helpline,

Center for Worklife Law: (415) 703-8276, hotline@worklifelaw.orgSupport the show (


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