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Ep. 168- How to Support your Breastfeeding Friends: Interview with a Childless-Auntie

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Show Notes:

Join Heather and Maureen for a feminist frolic to Spinster City as they interview Heather’s single, childfree friend Abigail. They ask the hard-hitting questions and break it down to the heart of our weird cultural war between parents and non-parents. The gals talk building community and finding support from childfree friends in unexpected ways – especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

This episode is a wild ride with your two favorite midwives & lactation ladies. Venturing into the socio-political sphere, Heather and Maureen kvetch about the patriarchy, 19th century Supreme Court decisions, and why everybody has to poop at Barnes & Noble. Listen to learn more about the benefits of keeping your spinster friends close and why everyone needs an Abigail in their lives. 

Enjoy these “ancient” photos of Heather & Abigail 🙂

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Chelsea Carey, Kinsey Bickham, Julia Gorman, Rachel Bueche, and Hayley Ryan!


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Listener Question: I bed share with my 8 month old and breastfeed when they stir in the night to get them to fall back asleep. What advice do you have about getting them back to sleep once I transition them to their own bed?

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