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Ep. 200 – Celebrate 200 Episodes with the Milk Minute

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Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Milk Minute Podcast. Welcome to 200 episodes of us! We’re back again. We kind of realized this was coming up a few weeks ago and we were like, wait a second, 200?

Holy crap. Hey, should we stop and celebrate? Should we take the advice of every guest we’ve ever had who speaks about mental health and like women empowerment, and just take this moment to celebrate? Accomplishments? Not just for us, but the community of people that we serve, and all of the wins. I mean, I know we only give one award per episode to a listener, but really, if you think about it, and you take a 30, 000 foot view, and you think about how many wins your community is getting.

That’s a lot of wins. Yeah, I, I mean, I’m really, I don’t know. I’m kind of surprised we made it this far. I, I was really thinking about it on the drive over here. And I was just like 200, like, did I, when we started this in 2020. Did I see us getting to 200 episodes? I feel like 100 was like, at that point, you remember we talked to Laura Birek and she was like, my best advice is to like, don’t stop until you get to 100 and then reevaluate.

We were like, oh my god, 100 is so big! Yes, yes. And in our, in Buzzsprout, we, that’s our hosting platform that we use for our show. They have these little award badges that they give out and I remember looking at those and just being like, man, that hundred badge is just so far away. And now once we hit a hundred, we just kind of like stopped looking and we were like, I guess this is what we do now.

It is. It, it, it’s, I don’t know. It’s a funny thing because we, I know that our episodes come out every week, but we don’t always record that way. So sometimes I just. Sometimes it feels like our job, and we’re doing it all the time, and sometimes I forget that we do it, like, entirely. And people are like, oh, end your podcast, right?

When I’m, like, telling them what I do, and I’m like, yeah, my two podcasts. Right. Got it. I feel the same way. I mean, we’ve given up a lot of weekends for it, for, like, batch recording, just because we have families. I mean, we definitely We definitely wish that we could have, like, a standing recording date of, like, Oh, every, every Friday at 8, we’re gonna do it.

But no. We tried that with Beyond the Boob, remember? And I, I’m gonna say we got to, like, 70 percent success. That’s still passing grade, you know? Yeah, it’s, it’s just our schedules are crap. We have a lot of kids now, and Maureen’s birthing a lot of babies now, and they just come out and jack up our recording schedule all the time, which is fine, and you all have been so gracious with us, and our lifestyle, and We really appreciate all of our patrons for hanging with us through illness, through postpartum for me and my sweet little baby, Marty, our new podcast baby.

But yeah, and we wanted to kind of talk about how this podcast has changed our lives, not to be dramatic. But I think, no, definitely we, it has, it’s, it’s important in, in big and little ways to actually really messes with my like perception of time. Because I was just thinking when you were like, Oh, through illness.

And I was like, yeah, I just got done with being sick for literally. Like almost three months. And then I remembered that a lot of the upcoming interviews we recorded while I was sick. So sorry, everybody, the next like eight episodes, I’m going to sound like I’m dying. I’m actually not anymore. I’m okay now.

After like 18 x rays, seven different medications, a CT scan, it turns out I just have fucking asthma. Yeah, but at one point we were like, it has to be lungworms. I mean I remember that! It was really gross. I don’t need to talk about why we thought it was that. I’m talking about it. She hacked something up into her hand and sent me a picture of it and I was like, yep, lungworms.

I don’t know what else it could be. I, no, I kept coughing up mucus that was like white strings. It really did look like lungworms. It was incredibly concerning. And her being too Hours or more away from me, especially in the winter or more. There’s not a lot I can do. So I felt terrible. Like we’re trying to get together and make these recording dates.

And she’s like, Oh, sorry, I can’t because I can’t breathe. And I’m hacking up this and I’m like, Oh, ER again. It’s no big deal though. I actually went directly from one birth to, well, I had a, I had a birth. Last year where I transferred to the hospital and I was like in respiratory distress at the birth, and I transferred them not for that reason, but then I drove directly from their hospital to, to one I like better, to go to the ER myself.

Yeah, yeah, so we’re, we’re through that. Still, I’m sure your lungs are still recovering. Yeah, I don’t know. Not through postpartum because when does that even end? That’s never, it just sort of fades to the background. That’s what it feels like. But yeah, so we’re going to get into all of that and how things have changed for us in 200 episodes slash almost four years of podcasting.

First, we’re gonna thank a new patron, so we’d like to thank Samara Loar from Morgantown, West Virginia. Samara, thank you so much for joining our Patreon and getting all of the behind the scenes access and following along with our crazy stories in real time. So yeah, let’s thank a sponsor really quick, and when we get back, we have a really good question to answer.

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com and check out what I can offer you. That’s H I G H L A N D birth support. com. Hey

everybody, welcome back. I have a great, a great question for us here actually that I feel like we can have a really qualitative answer to. This is a good one. Okay, so we have some, by the way, I’m just so sorry, I’m behind on Patreon. messages. Just somehow it happens. I will get to you, but just send me another if I haven’t answered.

Okay. So this question is from our patron Andrea, and she says, I’m curious what your thoughts are on taking the lactation hub probiotics for mastitis preemptively in the first few weeks after birth. I got mastitis with my first baby when my milk came in and I had rock hard boobs while I was regulating.

And again, I was close to weaning, thankfully found you by then and had a great consult with Heather and that helped. So I was curious if it would be helpful, slash, if there would be any harm in taking them as my milk comes in this time. Ooh, I got one for this. So whether it’s the Lactation Hub probiotic or another one, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it has one of the two recommended Bacterial strains from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, so that would either be L fermentum or L salivaria.

And most commonly, it’s going to be the L fermentum. From what I’ve seen, the L salivaria is more like found in dental probiotics as a blend. Which is fine. So if, if you have that, that’s great. But the good thing about the Lactation Hub probiotic, and also there’s one that I like from BioGaia, is that it is just L fermentum.

It is only that one, so we don’t have any other competing strains that are going to get in the way of that. And so L fermentum and L salivaria are the dominant bacteria in your breast ducts that keep it healthy. And I do recommend this if you get antibiotics for any reason in birth, which, so that means if you’re GBS positive, if you’ve had a C section, if somebody had to stick their hand all the way up your vagina to remove a placenta, you probably got antibiotics.

So that automatically for me would be like a yes. Most commonly, if you had GBS with a first baby, You’ll probably have it again with another one. So you’re a colonizer. Sorry. So that’s kind of maybe. The short answer is yes, go for it. Yeah, and, and I think also to add to that, if you feel like your first bout of mastitis was really related directly to engorgement and inflammation, I would say preemptively be on an ibuprofen protocol.

It’s also, they’re going to call it Motrin at the hospital, right? Most of the time you’re going to be taking that anyway for pain, so I would just be on a schedule with it and take it maybe for the first five days postpartum. So that it’s reducing that inflammation as well. Right. And also, don’t do any heat or aggressive massage on those poor engorged boob tissues at all in the first two weeks postpartum.

So we’re only going to be treating like it’s a sprained ankle. And that’s it. Mm hmm. Yeah, and honestly, it might be a lot better this time, too, because, like, now you know how to manage mastitis. You’ve had that experience, so you can see the symptoms earlier and manage them sooner. Right. And with second, third, fourth, fifth babies, the engorgement tends to be less severe.

Usually that’s a first time mom problem where it’s, like, very, very painful. Yeah, that or, like, sorry, you had eight bags of lactative ringers in labor. Ooh. Ha, ha, ha. Oh, we’re laughing, but it happens. Anyway. Yeah. So I hope that helps Andrea. Let us know after your next baby, how that goes. Okay.

Ready? No, you’re not. You’re looking. What am I afraid? What are we doing? You’re going first. Oh, no, I’m not. Okay. God, I don’t. So wait, let me, let me ask the question. Okay. Maureen, who was already covering her face and turning red . How has 200 episodes of the Milk Minute podcast changed your life? Where were you then?

Where are you now? Before I answer that, can I just say, I had an appointment with a new doctor I was really nervous for, and she was asking about symptoms and she was like, so this redness on your face. Is that how you usually look? I’m just really hot and sweaty and nervous. Oh, that’s nice. Anyway. Okay.

Then, and now, so when we started, I was a baby midwife and a, and a baby lactation professional, and I felt like I was simultaneously extremely enthusiastic and also absolutely had zero confidence in any of this. And that was a good way to start a podcast. Lots of passion and that’s really it. And since then though, I feel like I’ve, this podcast has helped me in a very organized manner, build, like rebuild my foundational knowledge about lactation and even just like midwifery care because we, Like the way that we’ve crafted the episodes, the interviews we’ve had, the questions we’ve had to answer have just kind of kept my brain in learning mode, which I love.

And it’s helped me very much organize all of the knowledge I had coming into this that was sort of jumbled in like a trash heap in my brain is what that felt like. But really, like, I feel like having this very paced out sort of in the background of my life, While I’ve progressed as a midwife and a lactation professional and a mother, it’s been really helpful, I think, and I think it’s helped me build so much confidence as a practitioner.

I agree. I’ve seen that progression for you over the years. Truly. I mean, I knew you then, I know you now, and I could not imagine having anybody else deliver my baby. Just because I know how you think. I know how you think about problems and how you think through ideas, big picture all the way down to personal, how’s this going to affect your life if you make this decision.

And I think it’s been really beautiful to watch you do that, truly. I mean. You’re like my favorite provider. Well, I better be because we spend so much damn time together. No, thank you. I know. Well, I mean, I’m learning from you. You know, I’m, I’m, I’m learning a lot from you too over the years. Can I also say I finally listened to the edited version of our First postpartum episode of Beyond the Boob where you like slipped in cute little compliments about me while I was going to get your baby and you made me cry and it was really sweet.

Thank you. Aw, hey, you know, we don’t, you and I aren’t like the most touchy feely people on the planet. We’re really not. Not, not like with each other, but just in general, we’re just not, we don’t always need to hug. We don’t always need to talk about our feelings. We kind of process things similarly, but we have had some good emotional moments over the years together.

I know we’ve seen a lot of shit, man. We have. Each other’s shit. Yeah. Actual shit, maybe. Hey. That’s only one of us. You can’t talk about it if it’s one sided. If you want me to take a dump in front of you, Heather, I’ll happily do it any time. You know what? Just you offering was enough. Even, even. So, yeah, let’s talk about some of the emotional stuff, can we?

Oh, okay, sure. So, also throughout the years, we’ve gone through health journeys. Yeah. Physical, mental, and health of relationships and family. Huh. So, how has this podcast in general, or, you know, specific episodes, or just our friendship, how has it changed or helped all of that evolve for you? You know what I’m really Lyra, recording episodes with you was like one of the only Spaces I had where I felt like I could just be fucking angry about my pregnancy And sad and pissed off and all of all of like all of the things I was kind of feeling Low key basically all the time and it was really nice to have one space where I could like drive up and sit in your basement and just be like, fuck this.

I hate it. I hate everything. And just have you be like, sure, babe, whatever. Let’s record an episode, you know, instead of somebody trying to talk to me, like, like, you know, even my therapist was like, I’m a little concerned about like, you know, your emotional attachment. And I was like, fuck you. And like, you know, my husband was great, but didn’t totally understand.

And just like, Yeah. I, I felt like every other interaction I had, I just had to pull that back and be like, yes, I’m so happy I’m impregnant. And, and it was so stabilizing to have that consistent time, even if it was just like once a month to come in and be like, this is actually how I’m actually feeling about it and how I actually feel and have you have absolutely zero judgment about it.

Yeah. Oh, I remember that time too. Yeah. And you were just so uncomfortable. You know, it’s just, it’s hard. Everything about pregnancy is just hard. Physically, emotionally, I mean. And then just You can’t enjoy things the way you did before. You’re limited in a lot of ways, and we don’t like to be limited. We don’t.

No, and truly, I think that example kind of, though, speaks to the whole thing where I feel like having essentially a scheduled time to sit with my best friend. And even if we’re not scheduled to talk about our lives, just to have a place where I could come in and be like, Hey, my relationship is a dumpster fire.

Let’s record an episode, you know, or whatever was going on that day. It was really nice. It’s kind of, it’s kind of been a good thing we did. It was nice and very different than talk therapy, but similar, you know, it’s like venting therapy, but also I’m venting next to someone who I know, like, and trust as a provider, who, you know, after the episode is like, but for real, you know, make a consult to get.

Your chiropractic treatment, because this is, you can solve this one thing. And you’re like, okay, fine. So I think oscillating between like best friend provider and performance was, was good. I, it was good. Yeah. I, and I actually feel like. It almost helped me figure out how serious things were for me, if, whether or not I was willing to talk about it on the podcast.

You know, if I came in and I was like, this is going on with Ivan and I, we’re not talking about it on the show. Then I’m like, oh shit, that was maybe more serious than I thought. No doubt. No doubt. Well, because also, I think you and I tend to hermit. Yes. When things are really serious, but when you have a job to do and you have to, you know, perform to a certain level, and it’s not like faking it, but we also just can’t cry the whole time on the podcast, so, you know, that would not be fun to listen to.

Well, and you know, there’s always like the issue of privacy too, where we tell you all a lot about our lives, but there are things that we keep private as well. And I actually feel like negotiating that line has been helpful. Yeah, I think so, too. I absolutely do. But I agree with you. You know, like, if we didn’t have this podcast, I think that both of us probably wouldn’t talk to anyone about that stuff going on in our relationships.

But when you are spending eight hours in a small room with somebody, Who knows you really well at this point. There’s no air conditioning. You, there’s, there’s no way that you can get away with hanging on to something so serious if you’re truly going through it. I feel like it just comes out with the sweat, you know, as, as we’re recording and slowly feel sweat dripping down our backs because we turned off the air because we didn’t want it to affect recording quality.

We’re also like, and also I didn’t tell you this yet, but. Yeah. Or I’d walk in and Maureen would take one look at me and she’d be like. How’s it going? Tell me, how about we talk about this before I press record? Yeah, be like, before I hit record, anything you want to get off your chest and you’re like, yes, actually, yes.

Or, you know, sometimes we’d record and then end up in a place we didn’t mean to be. And we’d be like, okay, good therapy session. Let’s rewind 20 minutes and restart the topic. Yeah, I think so too. And I think also, can I call you out for a minute? Yeah. Anytime. I think because we do this podcast and because we’re always on that journey to become better providers, which means we have to take care of ourselves, I think this podcast in a way tangentially has forced you to look at certain things about your health and actually take action on them.

What do you mean? Take care of myself? Why would I do that? Mm hmm. No, for sure though. Absolutely. Yeah, I mean, because when you’re doing a deep dive, not for you, you’re doing a deep dive for someone else, and then you just happen to get all of these, like, risks, benefits, and alternatives for this specific thing you’re also going through.

Like let’s do a whole episode on hypothyroidism. And you’re like, okay. Yeah, no, absolutely. I agree with that. And I, I don’t know. It’s just really. It’s also, so I’m not, I’m not a journaler. I really suck at writing things down and doing that consistently. But knowing in the back of my brain, like, Oh, I’m going to record next week with Heather helps me like catalog what’s happened.

Right. And you do this too. Like, and I just like jot a few notes down. I’ll write something like the duck story or whatever, you know? And I’m like, Oh yes, I know what that was talking about. Then I’ll tell Heather that story. And it just like. You know, has kind of helped frame out periods of time, which helps you like emotionally process.

Yeah, and, you know, those gratitude practices that I really suck at? Me too. That’s kind of the same thing, where it’s not just That’s our whole podcast! It’s not just stories that are bad, it’s like, the duck story is a good story, you know? Remember when you had a bird living in your bathroom? I do remember when I had a bird, Susan, her name was.

Susan! Yeah. So I think that it’s been, it’s been helpful in that way to also make you really look at the happy stuff. So we can share that with you too. And I think as moms, we just, as moms, we’re busy. So we overlook that a lot. We’re like wins with our kids, not just like my kid’s being a pain in the dick.

You know, it’s like, oh, my kid learned how to walk this weekend. I mean, that’s. That’s exciting. Yeah, it’s big. It’s big stuff. Well, anything else you want to share before we take a little break? Not about the podcast, but I do have a funny story I want to share. So, so we’re, we’re potty training, right? And this morning, yesterday morning, Lyra, like we went to go get dressed and she pulled out her underwear with puppies on it.

And she goes, Mommy, I’m not going to pee on the puppies. And I was like, great girl. Put on your puppy underwear. I’m so proud of her. And then 10 minutes later, she pees all over the puppies. She goes, the puppies had an accident.

It’s not me. Touché. It’s not me. It’s the, it’s the multiple puppies. They all peed at the same time. He did. It was, I mean, it was enough pee. That’s so cute. I, I can’t even, I’ll tell you my, my potty story. After the break. In my section next, yes. Okay, well on that note, let’s take a very quick break to thank a sponsor and then I’ll be back to interrogate Heather.

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Hey, welcome back everybody. So Heather, how has making 200 episodes of the Milk Minute changed your life? I mean, in all the ways that you said, same, but You can’t copy my answer. I’ll come up with something else. But I think it’s really helped me to understand the depth of the issues. That patients are having mostly because I watched you have a baby and go through it and then I had a baby and so we both became part of the system while helping each other while helping other people and I think that that kind of insider knowledge has been really fascinating because I now know it’s not like we’re just trying to And I don’t, can I brag on us for just a second?

That’s what this whole episode is for Heather. Oh, right. I think that, can I say that’s wisdom almost? Oh yeah. Yeah, you can. It feels like we kind of got to this point where we have more wisdom and intuition. With how to treat people where they’re coming from, and you can’t buy that and you can’t just like read about it and understand it.

So we are very happy to be able to do that. And I think that that depth of knowledge and feeling and empathy. Is what’s made this podcast last so long. Yeah. That’s wow. That was good. Yeah. I thought that was good too. Yeah. Well, how do you feel like making the podcast has changed your personal life?

Cause we know it’s changed us as providers. A hundred percent. Tell me a hundred percent. I have. I’m not saying that my marriage is perfect, because it absolutely is not, but this has been a long relationship, you and I, now, that we’ve been in, and there have been peaks and valleys in all of the different facets of this relationship, as well as your relationship with Ivan, my relationship with my husband, and I panic so much less now, in business and relationships, and When we’re in a valley, because when you’re playing this infinite game of like, there is no end, let’s just do what brings us joy, you know that there’s going to be a peak after the valley.

And so you’re just kind of like, okay, so time, it’s either time or support or a solution. And if I can’t get any of that from you and you can’t get it from me, we usually know how to get it or if there’s no solution, time is it? And it’s just like, well, we’ll just wait. And then it always works out. I agree.

I have seen you chill out to put it colloquially. So much in the last three years. I mean, well, not three years. Gosh, when I first met you and you were pregnant with Heidi, it was five years ago. Isn’t that crazy? More than five. Yeah. Yeah. But truly, like, I, I do think I’ve seen your reactions, not just because of this aloft, but your reactions just moderate really well.

And I think are more appropriate to the actual reality of the situation now, which I feel like is so healthy for you. And I love it. Yeah, and also I think I’m able to better communicate where my limits are and not apologize first because it used to be like, I’m so sorry. Like the caveat was always like, I’m sorry.

And like, this is what’s going on now. I’m just like, Hey, I feel really anxious today. And this schedule ain’t working for me. Or, you know, I’ve looked at my husband dead in the face and been like, I don’t like you right now. And you’re bothering me. And he’s like, geez. And I’m like, I’m not going to stomp around here and give you the silent treatment.

I’m just going to tell you, okay. Because one thing the podcast has definitely done is made us busier. And when you’re this busy and you’re playing at a very high level, you don’t have time to be passive aggressive. You don’t have to be mean, but you need to be real about what you’re dealing with and tell the people around you, like.

No, I’m sorry. I can’t spend time apologizing anymore. This is how I’m feeling. This is what needs to get done. This is how much time we have. Can you help me or not? Well, I feel like we’ve had really good practice with each other for that because we’ve had a long, long standing regular appointments that are also, like, fairly flexible.

So, I don’t know how many times one of us has texted, like, Three hours before recording to be like, actually, no, sorry. It’s not working for me for literally any reason. Right? Like I don’t feel well, I don’t feel like it. I’m actually busy. Oh, I forgot. I have 12 patients. Oh, my kid just threw up. Like every reason possible for canceling we’ve done to each other in a very unapologetic way.

And I love it. Yeah. And actually the only time that I canceled. Just because I didn’t want to record was recently and it was a Sunday and I was like, I Just can’t because I have no joy in my soul right now for it And that was the first time and I was concerned. I was like, wait a minute. Is this over?

Like is this what happens when the feeling is gone? And then I realized I was just tired I have a three month old. I’m exhausted. I haven’t played with my other kids in too long. I worked all week. I was like, no, I think this is what burnout. Feels like and having that day off was fantastic. And I love that you understood that completely and cause I’ve, my whole life I’ve kind of felt like I always need a reason to not do things.

Like someone better be puking, you know, for me to cancel. But no, we don’t need it anymore. We’re just kinda like, Hey, this is what it is and it should bring us joy and we try to get ahead and if we can’t. I mean, health first, right? Well, yeah, and can I just remind everybody that we did just have the most fabulous interview with the author of Burnout, Emily Nagoski, who has a new book out right now.

You should go listen to the interview and then go buy the book. Yeah, she’s amazing. Yeah, and that’s Those kind of interviews, those have changed us. Yes, I mean, Emily is just When you can sit with a New York Times bestselling author, and not just like once, like she’s about to hit the New York Times list for the third time, when you can sit down and literally just chill and have fun and realize All women are really dealing with the same kind of shit.

It really makes you realize, like, the scope of the issue and where you are in it. And it’s like, oh my god, we really are all the same. Like, everybody poops. Everyone’s got relationship issues. Everyone has sex drive issues from time to time. Everyone goes through postpartum differently but similarly because of this shitty system.

And it’s like, whoa, I, it blows my mind. Every time we get off of an interview like that, I look at you and I’m like, we just did that. And it was like, normal. Yeah, we’re like, we’re just two dorks, like chilling in a, in a closet, but we don’t need to tell you that. Seriously. Yeah, so I think that’s changed me because now I’m less nervous to, to ask the big ask because enough people have said yes now where I’m like, of course I should go for it.

No one else is going to do it. Absolutely. Yeah, it’s, I think it’s given us both a very different level of confidence that matches our competence. You know what I mean? Ooh, yeah. Like, we’re there now, I think, most of the time. Yeah, and it just makes me excited about five years from now, and it also helps me understand those 50 year old women that look at me and they’re like, don’t worry, someday you won’t give any shits at all.

And I’m like, yeah, I can see that now, like, how you get there. You know how when I meet an older woman who I really admire, one of the things they always say is if I could go back to being your age but know what I know now and have the confidence that I know now, I’d be dangerous. And I’m like, okay, so like, how can I do that now?

Make me dangerous. Make me dangerous, lady. I think, I think we’re on our way there. But you know what? I think We need to give out an award because you have to go. I do. I have a patient actually. That’s how it’s changed my life. It’s, it’s It has. I mean, like in many ways, this podcast is one of the foundational pillars of your business.

For sure. Same for you. Anytime you walk into any hospital to transfer a patient, they’re like, Oh my God, Maureen’s here from the podcast. It is really a different experience these days. Well, it also in West Virginia, it’s not quite hard to be a big fish in a little pond, especially in the birth community, but it’s still hilarious.

Like, we don’t think that we’re out there like number one in the world. Okay. But in West Virginia, where you like know all stars. Sixty midwives that work in the state. It’s just like, Oh, Hey, that’s me. We’re all at the same conferences all the time. Absolutely.

Do you have a baby that struggles with excessive gas fussiness? colic, and general sleep problems? Well, I did, but then I used Evivo probiotics. Evivo is a pediatrician approved probiotic for babies that’s even used in NICUs on the gentlest tummies all over the United States. It is an amazing, unique product that contains a specific strain of B.

infantis that we need to digest human milk oligosaccharides. That’s actually 15 percent of breast milk that your baby will then be able to utilize whereas if you don’t have the bacteria There’s so much extra in the gut Which is why American babies poop like 10 times a day more than babies that are colonized with B.

Infantis I have personally seen this probiotic help my baby and the babies of many of my clients and frankly if we’re dealing with any Of these symptoms it is the first thing I go to And the best part is, it’s not like any other probiotic that we would take when we’re sick or taking antibiotics where you take it every time you go through antibiotics for the rest of your life.

If you give your baby Evivo in the first hundred days of life, it actually colonizes in their gut and becomes a part of their immune system, which then they can pass to the next generation. And this is how we make change, y’all. Evivo is amazing because it’s going to safeguard your baby’s health today and give you peace of mind in the future.

Check out Evivo Probiotics through the link in our show notes. And enter code MILKMINUTE for 10 off.

Alright, well, today we have an award for another patron. Can I just say our patrons are kicking ass lately. They are. They are. Thank you so much everybody. This is from our patron Emily. And she had sent us a message saying, thank you so much. Your podcast taught me everything I know about breastfeeding.

When I was pregnant with my first, now I’m pregnant with my second. And I joined so I could follow along with Heather’s pregnancy. Quick question. What was the herb Maureen recommended for varicose veins in pregnancy? I have some that never went away and now they’re definitely worse. I’ve been wearing compression socks but I’d love to try something else too.

I know that was a question and that is why she’s getting this award. She’s getting the Proactive Patron Award for asking these questions now instead of waiting until these problems become severe. By the way, it’s horse chestnut. It’s topically. But seriously, Emily, we commend you for taking care of yourself and being proactive.

Yeah and don’t eat the horse chestnut. Topical only. Topical only. Don’t let your baby lick it off your legs. That doesn’t happen on a regular basis but we just can’t say with toddlers. And I actually have an Apple review as well and just as a reminder all of your Apple reviews help to rank us higher on Apple so other people can find our podcast so we’re really appreciative.

Thank you. Yes this is from Sunshine Sarah 2020, and she says, Thank you for everything. I am an L& D nurse turned LC because of your show. Thank you for healing our birth community. Thank you for the joy and knowledge. I appreciate you so much. That one’s so sweet. Healing the birth community? Come on!

That got me in the feels. It does. This whole episode got me in the feels. I’m going to need a cup of coffee to calm down. Well my dear best friend, I love you very much. And I’m so thankful that you have created this podcast with me and stuck with it. And that we’re still sitting here today. Bitching about life and learning about lactation.

I love you too and thank you for helping us be on the forefront of all lactation research, and for being somebody who is just as excited as I am about weird nipples, breast discharge, I mean, like, you just can’t call anyone about that stuff, and it’s been really special to have that. And our text messages are never safe for work.

Oh gosh. All right everybody, well we love you and we are excited to bring you even more episodes in the 200s. Yes, thank you so much for being a listener, a new listener, a long term listener, whoever you are, and for continuing to support us and listen to the Milk Minute Podcast. As you know, the way we change the system that is not set up for lactating families is educating ourselves, our loved ones, and sometimes our providers.

If you want to support us making more episodes of the Milk Minute Podcast and helping more people lactate and breastfeed, you can join us on Patreon at Patreon. com slash Milk Minute Podcast, where you can also get access to every single episode of our subscription only podcast, Beyond the Boob, Alternately, if you don’t have extra money to give, which we totally get, you can just tell one person about this podcast.

Send them a link, tell them to listen, find someone who we can help, and get us to them. Thank you all again, and we are excited to bring you all kinds of new content and interviews coming right up. Bye. Bye bye.


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