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Why Milk Minute?

evidence-based advice inclusive language a good laugh body positivity

Why Milk Minute?

evidence-based advice inclusive language a good laugh body positivity

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Ep. 202 – Breast Surgery and Breastfeeding: Interview with Dr. Katrina Mitchell

In this special episode of the Milk Minute, Heather and Maureen chat with Dr. Katrina Mitchell, a board-certified surgeon, breast oncologist, IBCLC, and PMH-C with over 20 years of expertise. They dive into the topic of breast surgeries, including augmentation, discussing their impact on breastfeeding and the balance between aesthetics and maternal well-being. Join them for a quick but insightful “Milk Minute” as they navigate the intersection of breast health, surgeries, and the beautiful journey of breastfeeding.

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Ep. 201 – Return to sex and physical intimacy postpartum – Interview with Connie Lappa

Today on the Milk Minute we’re talking about sex postpartum while breastfeeding. Sex and physical intimacy postpartum can be a touchy subject, but we’re here to help! Our special guest for the day is Connie Lappa, a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in individual and couples therapy, sex therapy, infertility and pregnancy loss, postpartum mood disorders and more. Today’s interview delivers expert advice when it comes to restoring a sexual connection with your partner, navigating low libido, increasing intimacy, and how to communicate with your partner about all of the above. Tune in for some words of wisdom and achieve the sex life you’ve been dreaming about (yes, even after a baby)!

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Ep. 200 – Celebrate 200 Episodes with the Milk Minute

Welcome to the 200th Milk Minute episode! It’s been 3 years of sharing all things lactation, body positivity, relationships, and mental health. Your favorite midwife and lactation professional hosts sit down to both acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments with this podcast and in life. Heather and Maureen reflect on who they were and who they’ve become through this incredible journey they’ve had the pleasure of recording week after week.

Join us as we celebrate this Milk Minute milestone!

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Hi There! We (Heather ONeal, CNM, IBCLC & Maureen Farrell, CLC, DEM) are midwives and lactation professionals.  Our mission is to increase access to lactation education for ALL types of families, include partners, acknowledge the importance of mental health in parenthood, and improve body positivity. We cuss a little bit.  


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