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Why Milk Minute?

evidence-based advice inclusive language a good laugh body positivity

Why Milk Minute?

evidence-based advice inclusive language a good laugh body positivity

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Ep. 162- Power Pumping: How, When, and Why?

If you’re in a mom group online, you’ve probably seen chatter about power-pumping. At a glance it sounds like everyone does this all the time to maintain or fix their milk supply. But what really is it? Is it evidence based?

Today the Milk Minute talks everything Power Pumping! From how to why and everything in between.

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Ep. 160- How to survive your hospital stay while breastfeeding

Those 48+ hours you spend in the hospital while having your baby can be the longest you’ve ever experienced. Constant checks, uncomfortable bed, noise, lights, on top of labor and postpartum recovery. No wonder breastfeeding is so challenging!Today the Milk Minute tackles how to survive your hospital stay with your favorite co-hosts tips and tricks. Listen in for packing lists, sleep strategies, self-advocacy tips, and much more!

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Hi There! We (Heather ONeal, CNM, IBCLC & Maureen Farrell, CLC, DEM) are midwives and lactation professionals.  Our mission is to increase access to lactation education for ALL types of families, include partners, acknowledge the importance of mental health in parenthood, and improve body positivity. We cuss a little bit.  


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