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Ep. 156- Last Recording in Old Studio & Special Announcement

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Welcome to the Milk Minute Podcast everyone. Hello. Guess what? This is our very last recording that we’re gonna do in this studio. The very last one. I’m a little, I don’t know. I’m not gonna say emotional, but I mean, it’s a nice closet.

It’s, it, it’s about the same size as the new one, so don’t get too excited because it’s gonna be just about the same. But the bonus is there’s not gonna be a bathroom basically in the studio or a giant refrigerator on the other side of the wall, right? Sweet. Or a cleaning lady vacuuming above. Or your family cooking brownies in the next room.

Right. The only thing in the new space is there might be some pitter patter of little feet at the daycare above us. I’m okay with that. Yeah. But I’m, it’s gonna add to the ambiance. I really feel like it’s on brand anyway. You know, like, the problem will be if you hear a child’s shriek in the background here, like, is it our end or yours, you know?

Right. It’s like when people play music on the radio that has a siren in the music and I, that should be illegal. Straight to jail. Yeah. That really stresses me out there. So I, I used to love listening to the Yaya Yeahs, and there’s one freaking song like that, and I’d always forget it.

And it was like just the most realistic, loud, like, The right volume for a cop car to be right behind you. Horrific. And also something that makes me mad is when people have a ringtone, that is my alarm, they can also go to jail. Yeah. Because your fight or flights is like your parasympathetic Yeah. It just, mm-hmm.

It’s, it’s immediate spike in cortisol. Mm-hmm. But anyway, we just wanted to wrap up a couple things in, you know, our time here, which has been a little over a year. Yeah. Right. Yeah. It’s been a year and maybe a half. Mm-hmm. Almost a half. Mm-hmm. And we’ve done a lot of good work in here. We’ve done a lot of growing.

What would you say, in your opinion, is our biggest leap that we’ve made here? I mean, I, I think we’ve really improved our sound quality coming here. Agreed. Which is really good. And I think also in moving the space from your house, it has at least helped. Become a little more focused. And I know, I know.

It’s helped you be more focused too, because we’re not getting interrupted by your family. You know? And, and it just like, I, you know, when I try to work from home, which I do a lot, it’s not the same as when I work in an office. My focus and the quality of my work is not the same. So I think like that shift happened here.

I think so too. I think for me also, we’ve really gotten into a groove of production. Mm-hmm. And planning. So even on the weeks where we are like a total shit show, we actually have a pretty good recording plan put together. Either done by you or me, or both. It’s great when it’s both, but usually we can pull at least three episodes together.

Yeah. And be pretty organized. Dude, some days we do five and I’m exhausted, but also I’m like impressed. Yeah, we are awesome. For sure. And we just wanted to thank you all and definitely thank our newest patrons, Susanne Feehan. Oh yeah. Thank you so much. We really appreciate you supporting us. All of our patrons are essentially supporting this move right now, which is lovely.

Yes it is. And shout out to my new chief operating officer of my business, Breastfeeding for Busy Moms who is making. All of the logistical plans for the move. Mm-hmm. As I continue to just see patients in a full-time clinic capacity. Yeah. Things like we have to go buy boxes to box things up. You know, I’m like, I don’t have time to do that.

So she’s like, have you measured the space for furniture? And I’m like, definitely not. And she’s like, okay, I’ll put it on my list. Well, all hail Abigail, right? All hail Abigail. Everyone? Yes. Thank you. Okay, let’s talk about where we’re going from here. What are some things that you would like to do in the new space?

Oh gosh. Dream guests? I wanna hear dream guests. Yeah. Well one is I wanna make kind of a comfortable setup for in-person guests. Oh. Because I think those are the best interviews we do. We have not done a lot of them, but they just end up like way more compelling. Our conversation is so much smoother.

Mm-hmm. And I want to do more of, I also, some other guests I wanna get, I wanna have more people of color on the show. I have some plans already and some guest planned. Be very exciting. One of my, the one thing I’ve been working on for a long time, and I’ve yet to find someone, but I will I wanna get somebody in to speak on indigenous breastfeeding.

Ooh. If anyone out there knows somebody, I’ve sent a lot of emails and it’s okay that nothing has come back yet, but I really want to make space for that this year. I love that. That’s a really good idea that I actually hadn’t considered it. Mm-hmm. For in-person guests, but we definitely should figure that out.

Yeah, I think we can do it. Yeah, I think we can totally do it. I mean, we could have done it here, but like it’ll be better. Yeah. Yeah. I mean that because when it’s just you and me, one of us can go pee and we can hear the other person pee. But it would be weird for the third person, the fart before you start peeing.

Well, I think for me, in addition to getting some cool guests, I, I would really like to get into the rest of the hot topics in lactation that we’ve been avoiding. You mean, you mean the hard ones? Like really hard ones. Really controversial ones that, you know, we’ve, we’ve done a lot of ’em. Alcohol, marijuana.

Mm-hmm. Abortion, you know, what the heck else? Oh gosh. I don’t know. But I wanna do a really deep dive into the real risk factors around lactation and depression. Oh yeah, because that’s a hot topic between a lot of people who, you know, choose to formula feed for mental health, choose to breastfeed for mental health and like there’s a big argument about like.

Mm-hmm. And I, you know, I don’t see that as those two sides, like, actually they shouldn’t argue, but I wanna look at like the data we have and really break it down so people can understand their real risk factors. Yeah, I love that. And then also I would like to create a subscription based extra podcast.

Yes. About my pregnancy. Wait, Heather!

It’s just cause I show my kids. Stop. Heather, you’re pregnant. You know how hard it has been to not tell you for the past week? You’re going to make me cry! Will you be my midwife? Yes.

I blow out the mic.

Literally dying inside. My mom doesn’t even know. How did you, how could you do this to me? I’m sorry. I’m so happy for you. Thank you. Yes. Oh my God. So, listen, I’ve been noodling on this for a while. If you guys have listened to our, our podcast consistently for the past year, you know that I have been waffling back and forth on a third child and I’ve been like asking guests about it.

Like, what do you think from your perspective as a child behavior therapist, like, should I do it or not? And they’re like, I don’t know. Don’t you love it when you’re like, should I have another kid? And they’re like, I am not qualified to answer that. Guess what the answer is? Yes. Yeah. Because now you are.

Yeah. And so we’re excited and oh my God. Honestly, my, my biggest fear was that I was gonna pee on the stick, see a positive and be like, shit. Oh yeah. Which would’ve been fine. And you also could have called me about that. Right, right. Exactly. But was full shocked. First of all, I gotta calm down for a second.

I know. And then, and then I didn’t tell my husband for a while, actually. I’ll tell you the whole story. Totally. This, I, I wanna almost save like the more detailed story for like, our first official episode of what I’m imagining in my mind is called like, Beyond the Boob: Confessions of a Pregnant Midwife.

Okay. It’s a prenatal education. I am. Oh my God. We can do like weekly prenatal. I will wait if you make me, that’s what we’re doing the rest of the day. You didn’t know. We’re building that. This is a special surprise announcement everyone. My God. That’s why. Do you like how I baited her?

Don’t, don’t worry. We don’t need a plan for today. Yeah, we’ll just shoot the shit in in the last episode. That should have been your number one clue. I honestly just thought it was because you changed your dosage of Prozac.

And I was like, that’s good for you. Yeah. You’re like, I’ve literally never seen her without a plan. It’s such a cool look for her. And also like we just had lunch together and Maureen’s like, man, I gotta get some new clients for September, October. Well, guess what? What’s your date? Date? I think it’s October 18th.

Perfect. But guess what? There is a Friday the 13th in October, so that will be when you have your baby. We, we might have a witch. Oh my goodness. Oh, we’re expanding our coven. Yeah. So, yeah. I don’t even know what else we can fit into this episode right now. We don’t need to, we’re just gonna talk about this.

We’re, we’re gonna just talk about this. You’re gonna listen to me ultimately laugh and cry. Yeah. I’m nervous. I’m not gonna lie. I’m nervous. Absolutely. You should. I would be too full of excited nervous energy. And I have my first ultrasound with Kelly Lemon. Oh my gosh. On March 1st to make sure everything’s in the right spot.

Yeah. And this won’t air until after that. Okay, perfect. But yeah, I think it should be in the right spot. I mean, I mean statist, statistically speaking probably. Because you’re like six weeks now, probably five. Five. I can’t math. That sounds good. Yeah. Yeah. So the, the way we came to the decision is, Yes.

I said, listen, you know, we’ve been noodling on this for a year, but I’ve been building this business. Yeah. Which is basically like having a baby. And it just felt like way too much. But then as time goes on, we’re getting older and older and the kids are getting further and further apart. Yeah. And so I said, listen, I do not want to have another Christmas baby.

Okay. So we are gonna try for two months. Yeah. And we’re just gonna test the universe and be like, all right, if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. And if it doesn’t, we’ll be done forever. Honestly, I think that’s a great way to do it. Yeah. Well, the first month we really didn’t even try that hard. We had sex one time and it was not even like really.

It was like just doing it. It was, it was like fine, but it was like, I don’t think this is really the day. It’s the day my app said I was fertile, but I was like, I think we already missed it. Yeah. I think I was tired that day and so the next a headache I had a headache. Yeah, but, but the next month it was like, mom, stop listening.

Immediately. It was one of our best ones. Dude, sometimes that like fertile hormonal cocktail just gets you. Yeah. Well, and, and like your hu I feel like our hus like, I mean they can smell it like Oh yeah. Subconsciously. And it just like every once in a while your little combination just works. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

He’s so funny. By the way, after the first month, he goes, I don’t think you’re pregnant. And I said, how do you know? And he goes, I just don’t feel very good about my performance. As if he could tell what. Sperm is doing, you know, he’s really in tune with his little swimmers, I guess, like the swimmers were like, no, we missed her.

We missed her this time. So then the second month we had like our really, really hot evening together and he goes, I don’t know. That might’ve done it. That might’ve done it, Heather. Yeah. And so I actually peed on a stick for the first time on Friday. Oh yes. Last week. And it was negative and I threw it in the trash.

And then I went to work all day, and then I got home and I dug it out of the trash. Oh my God. Like a crazy person. And I squinted real hard, hard. Did you open the casing? No, I, no, it’s, it was one of those, oh, it was a dipstick. Dipstick. Good. And so I squinted real hard and I was like, is that. What is that, the faintest line ever?

It is. And I was like, no, I didn’t check it within the time that you’re supposed to check it. Right. And they do change sometimes after hours. Yeah. So I was like, it’s probably not. And then I peed on one the next day and I was like, huh. Same. But a little darker. And so I told Cash and he was like, oh my God.

And then woke up three hours later, barfing his brains out. Oh my God. With a stomach virus for the next two days. So I was like, this is a little anti-climactic. I thought I’d at least get like a back rub or dinner. So I don’t know. In true parenthood we haven’t had a chance to really like stare at each other and let it settle in.

Cuz after he got the stomach virus, then Theo got the stomach virus. Yeah. And like your kids just don’t give you those moments. Yes, I know, but we’re calling it The Shrimp because my friend Abigail sent me an Etsy of the this mobile that goes on the crib that someone handmade shrimp that go all around the mobile.

And the video of it is hilarious and the shrimp are just like rocking back and forth. And to me it’s a long form joke because yes, the kid is going to look at that 10 years later and be like, are those. My mom is nuts, so I think I might do that. Yes, I think you should. I am supportive of seafood mobile.

Seafood. Mobile. Can we fill a lobster in there too? Yeah, I told Cash. We’ll get the, we’ll get the seafood mobile and then we’ll do like a yacht rock baby room, you know, just like 1970s Hawaiian shirts and he was like, you get them some aviators too much. Barbara Streisand, Elton. That’s perfect. Yeah. We can have a waterbirth.

Yeah. Ooh, ooh. I, I know you kind of don’t like those though. I will do it for, I will do it for anybody. I will especially do it for you. Well, you know, you might as well just charge me an extra 500 for being a giant pain in the ass. Yeah. Okay. No problem. I’m gonna do my best and I’m gonna really try to lean into, learning about a home birth because I’ve had a C-section.

Mm-hmm. And then I had a vback in a hospital, so now I’m gonna try to do a home birth. You have and help people do their own home births though. Yes, you do. But it’s different. It is. But you do know like the basics. Yes, I know the basics for sure, but it’s different because I’m a terrible patient. Oh yeah, me too.

Same. Like I’m going to ask you how to breastfeed my baby, and you’re gonna be like, and I will tell you, oh my God. I’ll be like, okay, Heather. Let’s pretend you haven’t done it two times before. I’ll be like, build it into the price. No, but you know what though? Like I, you’re not the only one who has that experience with another pregnancy, right?

I’ve had people look at me and just be like, I know this is my fifth baby, but I don’t know what the fuck to do. And I’m like, cool. It might be your fifth, but it’s a new baby. And you’re a new parent again. And every baby is so different. Oh gosh. They’re so different. I mean, Heidi and Theo couldn’t have been more different.

And this one will just be, who the heck. Is Heidi’s potty trained though? Yeah. This one baby in diapers at a time. That is a perk. Yeah, for sure. I might even try to do cloth diapers and be cool like you. I’ll, I’ll teach you how it’s honestly like I am not hardcore about it either. I’m like, we have them both sitting there and whichever I feel like doing today is the one we do.

Yeah, I think that’s the vibe that’s really nice. We’re gonna go with, and not to mention, I own a business now where I can bring my baby to work. Yes. And the podcast room can be a nap room. Oh, we get, when we’re not podcasting, we get, we get to have little baby sounds in the podcast again. Yes. We’re gonna have baby sounds.

And how weird is it that there’s a daycare right next to my office, so I’ll have to get on the list yesterday I’m sure. But maybe they’ll be like, oh, special treatment for the neighbor. Maybe not so. So is Cash gonna go in for his vasectomy tomorrow? Yeah. Well, yeah, that’s what he said. He was like, man, we better button it up after this, because that was too easy.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes it’s a little scary when you’re like, oh, that happened faster. Yeah. Well, I am a little surprised it’s gonna be quite the ONeal mashup. Honestly, though, you’ve been working on your health a lot. That’s true. For last year, I have been working out three to four times a week since July. Working on your diet.

Yeah. You’ve been working on figuring out all of the problems you’ve had, you know, with your body and your mental health. Mm-hmm. And so like yeah. Things work easier when you fixed a lot of those problems. True. Your hormones are like, thank you for giving me food and for exercising and Yeah. You know, thanks for the muscle.

Yeah. And you know my husband though, in true husband fashion, You work so hard to get your body back only to get pregnant again. And I was like, mm-hmm. I’m gonna stop you right there. Yeah. I’m gonna keep working out, and I’m going to be better than I was today when I give birth. You can increase your workout regimen if you want.

Yeah. And I’m gonna do it and honestly, I’m gonna, I. Cross my darned fingers that you get that second trimester like energy boost me too. And that you can do it. I am most terrified about the morning sickness, to be honest with you. Sure. Because that you have been it yet. I’m a little nauseous from time to time.

Have you increased your B6? No. But I will do that today. That’s my first prenatal goal. Okay. Well we’re gonna, we don’t wanna give too many details cuz we are going to go right now. Yeah. And we are gonna start planning our Beyond the Boob extra special VIP subscription. To like more personal stuff.

Like I don’t want to really put that completely out there. A hundred percent. But also I don’t, you don’t need to tell everybody about your mucus plug. Just people who pay. Exactly. I mean, no offense guys, but like, I’m not gonna hold back. I think, you know, by now, I really have a hard time with that. So, yeah.

You know, it’s like we are still gonna be providing Milk Minute episodes, like that’s not going away. They’re not changing, that’s not going away. But Patreon can be a little clunky. Mm-hmm. And we will put episodes on Patreon. Yeah. These, these extra episodes for paying people. Mm-hmm. But I think we should also explore doing like an Apple subscription, right?

Because that’s like 80% of our listeners. That makes sense. And then they could tune in if they want to. We’re gonna diversify our income stream. We have to, we have, we have to support another Milk Minute baby. We do. Oh God. And I’m the idiot that got rid of all my baby stuff twice. Oh yeah. Well I can give some back.

Okay. Give it back to me. I, yeah, I did get rid of the little baby stuff already though, cuz we did already get that vasectomy. I, it’s fine. Don’t worry about, I got all of mine used anyways cuz I’m such a cheap person at the moment. You put it out into the universe that you need baby clothes. You will have a full garage.

Okay. So, yeah. But I did actually, for everything we’ve gone through so far with Lyra and Griffin, I have two boxes of like the cutest stuff. Oh yeah. That I saved. That was like, I don’t know, maybe for a good friend, maybe for them when they’re adults. Maybe just for me, when I cry about it when I’m 50 years old, who knows?

Hmm. Yeah. There’s a couple things I’ve saved. So what do you think, boy or girl? I think it’s a girl. I’m not good at guessing though, but it’s a 50 50, you know, Cash does wear really tight underwear just in case we decide to do one of those. You know, like, guess, guess the baby names tight underwear can kill off the boys sperm cuz the boys sperm are weaker.

So just factor that in. When you’re guessing, are you gonna do like an early gender test. Are you gonna do gender test at all? I think I’m gonna try really hard to have a surprise. It was fun last time to have a surprise. Mm-hmm. Are, do you feel like you want one thing or the other?

Yes. Okay. We don’t have to say which now. Yeah. I am not ready to talk about that, but I think that’s also just because of like, a little bit of unprocessed stuff. Yeah. And, and like it’s very early. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Not exactly feeling like a permanent thing yet. No, but I feel like the first, I mean, sometimes the first like five months of pregnancy are like that, and you’re like, I’m just, this isn’t gonna change a thing.

It’s not happening. It’s not happening. I’m not ready at all. Good thing you don’t have to be. Right. I am so glad it takes so long to grow a baby, thank God, because you have a lot of shit. Can you imagine if we were like rabbits and it was. What? I think it’s 27 days. No, but they only breastfeed once a day, so that makes more sense.

Yes. They just give each little bunny a tiny sliver of butter, basically, and they’re like, I’ll see you in 12 hours. Yeah. Bye bye bunny. Bye. Oh lord. Okay, well, we are gonna go have a cup of tea. Yeah, and we’re gonna go chit chat about this and we will keep you guys posted on all the things coming up, the move, the fetus, the new guests, all the stuff.

It’s gonna be so good. We have all these new things. I know, and you didn’t even know I’m getting sneaky. Why is my voice. I’m excited. Cherie’s gonna lose her mind. I know. I didn’t tell Tiffany or Cherie. Don’t. Don’t tell anybody till they listen. We’re just gonna let ’em find out. You can tell whoever you want, but it’ll be very funny.

We’re just gonna let them find out and they can, you can be like squeak at their own house. Hey Cherie, you should edit this today. Yeah, just today would be good. She’d be like, what the heck? I’m just kidding, kidding. Sure. She would not be like, what the heck? She’d be like, okay. I support the team. This is so great.

Okay guys, well thank you so much for listening to another episode of the Milk Minute. I can’t even remember a sign out right now. We’re just gonna go. Okay. Bye bye.


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