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Ep. 72- Black Breastfeeding Equity and Opportunity for Change: an interview with Dr. DeVane-Johnson

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Show Notes:

It’s Black Breastfeeding Week!

Join us to chat with midwife, Dr. Stephanie DeVane-Johnson, PhD, CNM, FACNM, about some basics of the health disparities and history of breastfeeding in the Black community, and how we move forward with healing. Trigger warning: we explore some of the historic and present day trauma of breastfeeding for Black people.

Dr. DeVane-Johnson has more than 23 years experience as a midwife and her research focuses on breastfeeding and health disparities in African Americans. She has written and published on the impact that cultural and socio-historical influences have on African American infant feeding decisions. Her work is a key piece of understanding how the Black maternal and infant health crisis can be changed. This is an incredible opportunity for us to listen up and make changes.

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Listener Question: My husband is convinced that my one cup of instant coffee a day is why our 2-month-oldis gassy. Could this be true?

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