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Ep. 6: The Sexpisode

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents:

02:03:00- Feedback from listeners

04:19:00- First-hand account of sex and breastfeeding relationship

06:06:00- The biology of the THREE major hormones that relate to sex and breastfeeding. 

16:10:00- The best research we could find on breastfeeding and female sexual “function”.

24:45:00- How low partnership quality and maternal depressive symptoms affect sex in the postpartum period.

28:19:00- Why the Edinburgh screening for postpartum depression is so important

30:00:00- What you need in order to make sex go smoothly while lactating

34:07:00- A note for trauma survivors

36:22:00- Comments from listeners on lactating during sex


Matthies, L. M., Wallwiener, M., Sohn, C., Reck, C., Müller, M., & Wallwiener, S. (2019). The influence of partnership quality and breastfeeding on postpartum female sexual function. Archives of Gynecology & Obstetrics, 299(1), 69–77.

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