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Ep. 35 – The ‘Rona VACCINE during Lactation: Part 1

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents
0:40 Bonus episode: discussing the vaccine, for lactating people
1:15 We read one (of many!) listener questions
1:35 Thank you to our sponsor The Wandering Womb
2:20 The listener question
3:05 Thank you to our sponsor Breastfeeding for Busy Moms
3:55 Vaccine approval: where we’re at right now
5:05 Previously, approved in UK and Canada
5:15 UK and Canada guidelines, if lactating and pregnant
6:00 CDC guidelines are similar (and why)
6:40 No vaccine data for lactating and pregnant people (and why)
7:25 Collecting vaccine data, touching on the topic
8:45 Physiology and risks for lactating (vs.) pregnant people
10:00 Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine statement (helpful!)
11:26 Details about vaccine, you, and baby
11:40 This is an MRNA vaccine, not new technology
12:15 The vaccine journey in a lactating person
14:43 Four barriers to breastfeeding baby: recap
15:44 Possible risks, possible benefits
17:20 Most other vaccines are approved for lactation
17:55 The choice is always yours
18:11 Why this vaccine is a big deal
19:05 Addressing MRNA technology
20:00 Fear of forced vaccination, please don’t panic
21:15 Places you can do your own research
22:27 Baby in utero vs. breastfeeding baby: very different!
24:00 Pregnancy and vaccine vs. pregnancy and getting sick: risk considerations
25:00 What can we look forward to with this vaccine
27:11 A step in the right direction
27:47 This is science in real time
28:30 Thank you for listening!
Credits and contact
Thanks to Cherie Louise Turner for editing and production and to Lindsay Brett Carothers for her musical stylings of our intro and outro.
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Additional music credits, thank you Wataboi and Mazzaccaro from Pixabay.
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