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Ep. 92- 2021 Breastfeeding Year in Review! (Pt. 2)

Ep. 17: Baby Poops & Pees

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents:
1:00 Catch up with Maureen and Heather, Where we talk a lot about Alanis Morrisette
4:24 Why we talk about Poop and Pees 
5:11 Tracking Health with Poop
6:10 The First Poop
8:45 Thanks Happi Tummi! 
9:53 Day Two
12:20 Brick Dust?!?!?!
12:39 Is My Baby Having a Period?!?
13:45 Day Three15:30 A Little Jaundice Talk
17:54 Day Four19:30 Day Five
19:55 Why Your Milk May Not Be In
20:07 Day Six and beyond
21:00 Diaper Counts and Why your Diaper type matters
22:58 Weeks 2-6
23:20 Poop Color and Texture
27:40 Green Poops, less hype please…
29:23 6 Weeks – 6 Months
30:21 The Infrequent Pooper
32:11 Give that baby a Massage!
35:39 Get Relief! But don’t give an enema 
36:40 Anxiety
37:37 To Each Their Own Normal
Editing by Heather ONeal and music by Bella Zucker.Podcast produced by Heather ONeal and Maureen Farrell.

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