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Ep. 12: Dr. Barnett-Trapp Explains Physician Training (or lack thereof)on Breastfeeding

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents:
00:44- Intro to Dr. Danielle Barnett-Trapp- Family practice physician, breastfeeding advocate, and lactation educator to medical students.
02:10- No breastfeeding education in medical school? Dr. Barnett-Trapp explains why…
03:50- What is “Family Medicine” and how does it differ from an OBGYN? The benefits of having a family practice physician for a breastfeeding parent.
05:36- How Dr. Barnett-Trapp became a breastfeeding advocate and why. Dr. Milk trained her!
07:18- Dr. Barnett-Trapp tells us about the breastfeeding class she teaches for medical students.
08:20- The feedback from medical students after learning the basics of breastfeeding.
10:10- Why the breastfeeding education stops for med students after her class is over… it’s not on their boards!
11:14- The number one lactation question from medical students… crickets…mind blown.
12:00- Most common question from her fellow physicians regarding breastfeeding. 
13:30- Dr. Barnett-Trapp is an island of breastfeeding advice.
14:24- How physicians affect the breastfeeding journey with their advice more than they could imagine and why it’s important to educate them.1
5:56- What is the biggest barrier for physicians to helping a breastfeeding dyad. 1
7:17- A Word From Our Sponsor- Feed Your Baby University
18:17- Where do we go from here and how do we fix this disconnect? How can patients help physicians help them?
19:52- Dr. Barnett-Trapp shares her story of having her baby in the middle of COVID with serious latch issues.
22:15- As a family med physician they can book two time slots for mom and baby whereas a pediatrician can only see the baby.
22:41- How can a patient find a physician who is knowledgeable with breastfeeding?
23:42- It’s important to understand that you need a care TEAM… not just a physician.
26:40- Parting words of wisdom from Dr. Barnett-Trapp for our listeners.
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Editing by Heather ONeal and music by Bella Zucker.Podcast produced by Heather ONeal and Maureen Farrell.

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