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Ep. 11: Nursing In Public

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents:
01:05- Why nursing in public is even a topic we need to discuss
01:53- A review of the LAWS and the tiny annoying legal stipulations about breastfeeding in public.
03:40- Maureen calls out all the states on the list that have exempted breastfeeding from public indecency laws.
06:05- WV legislation for breastfeeding-in-public. Why you need to understand what your state laws are for breastfeeding.
07:30- What you can do if you are harassed in public and what is a “Nurse-In”.
09:00- Shout out to the “Milk Truck” in Pittsburgh that assists people that need breastfeeding support when they are being publicly shamed for breastfeeding.
10:15- Maureen explains how she offers a helping hand to parents breastfeeding in public.
10:45- What to do when your partner wants you to cover up in public because they are uncomfortable with it.
12:35- Maureen’s personal story about her mother shaming her for nursing at a Panera Bread.
15:09- Heather’s experience with passive aggressive comments about “covering up” in public.
17:25- How to cover yourself with hilarious “cover ups” to help people understand that you aren’t to be messed with.
18:11- How would you feel if someone put a cover on your face while you were eating OR took your food out of your mouth while you were eating?!
18:43- What we can ALL do to make breastfeeding-in-public more normal.
19:39- Maureen’s tearful story about a stranger that supported her nursing in public.
22:40- Remember to talk to your kids and relatives about it when they throw shade at nursing parents.
23:02- Heather’s son was very “helpful” with helping her nurse and Maureen’s son was aware that he wasn’t allowed to eat the placenta in the fridge.
Editing by Heather ONeal and music by Bella Zucker.Podcast produced by Heather ONeal and Maureen Farrell.

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