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Ep. 186 – Beyond the Boob: Week 37 (BONUS!)

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Show Notes:

Bonus! This week we’re giving you week 37 of Beyond the Boob for FREE!

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WE MADE IT TO TERM! Welcome to week 37!

Our episode today goes through a lot of feels. Heather digs deep into a lot of her fears around meeting her new baby and surviving the postpartum. We’re embracing the reality that hope and fear can exist equally in the same body and we’re trying to be ok with that.

Maureen walks us through routine prenatal cervical checks; why you might want them and why you might prefer to decline. What information can we get from the cervix anyway?  Your podcast midwife also walks us through some methods for encouraging labor at home and preparing your body for giving birth. Let’s chat about food, hormones, teas, and more.

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