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Ep. 8: Breastfeeding Nutrition with guest Alasen Zarndt the Nutrition Doula

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents:
01:25- Intro to Alasen Zarndt, Nutrition Doula Extraordinaire!
08:30- The biggest misconception about nutrition and breastfeeding
13:35- Why you need foods that are easy to digest when healing
14:22- Why a nutrition doula is more tailored to a postpartum mom than a regular dietician
15:37- Life hacks for how you can help a busy parent get nutrient dense foods every day
16:52- Alasen’s freebie on how to control breastfeeding
18:11- The most common advice Alasen gives to her breastfeeding clients
20:48- Ad break to thank our sponsor
21:19- What happens when you meal plan but aren’t in the mood to eat what you planned for?
23:37- The hardest nutrition advice for Alasen’s breastfeeding clients to follow. Diet Coke anyone?
25:06- How to help clients that live in a “food desert”… grocery shopping at Dollar General
26:22- Alasen’s favorite vegetable
28:15- How nutrition helps your breastmilk supply and why Alasen hates Body Armor
34:11- Coconut water for electrolytes and hydration
35:15- A rundown of all of Alasen’s services39:10- Coupon code for Alasen’s “Healthy Eating Made Easy” course
40:19- Maureen and Heather comment on this mind blowing nutrition interview
Alasen’s Website Breastfeeding Cravings Freebie- Eating Made Easy Course- 

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