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Ep. 75- Tandem Feeding

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Show Notes:

Join Maureen and Heather to speak with returning guest Laura Birek, co-host of the Big Fat Positive Podcast, as they talk all about tandem feeding. This episode is a great resource for parents who are wondering if tandem feeding is right for them and for parents already on that journey. They cover the basic what & why as well as common questions surrounding supply, jealousy, regressions, big feelings, being touched out, and more! Laura’s personal experience combined with Maureen and Heather’s expertise makes this one you don’t want to miss.

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The listener questions for this week were addressed by guest Laura Birek, co-host of the BFP podcast. 
Questions from listeners were:
Do you think a special bond has developed between your two children because they are tandem fed?
How do you stay hydrated and nourished with two breastfeeding children?

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SHOW NOTES Episode 75- Tandem Feeding Transcript

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