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Ep. 56 – Do lactation treats work? That’s a tough cookie, with guest Alasen Zarndt, the Nutrition Doula

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Show Notes:

M&H get into the sensitive topic of lactation cookies that claim to help you with lactation. Returning guest Alasen Zarndt, the Nutrition Doula, helps us comprehend the nutritional impact of what actually happens in your body when you eat lactation cookies.

Listener Question: “If you only pump, how much breastmilk do you feed your baby?”

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Milk Minute, Epi. 8: Advice from a Nutrition Doula on How to Eat for Breastfeeding:
Learn more about Alasen Zarndt here: The Nutrition Doula – Caring for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with the Power of Food
Find Alasen Zarndt on social media here: Social Media
Alasen’s Facebook group is Healthy Eating Made Easy
Alasen’s new nutrition workshop is Healthy Happy Mama Academy

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