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Ep. 52 – Milk Banks: interview with guest Denise O’Connor, founder/executive director of the Midatlantic Mother’s Milk bank

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Show Notes:

Have you ever donated breastmilk? Would you ever consider it?

Maureen and Heather talk to the founder and executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Mothers’ Milk Bank , Denise O’Connor, about all the incredible work they do. What donor milk is, who can donate, who can receive donor milk, the process of getting donor milk and how it’s handled and processed, the upsides of using donor milk, the milk bank and its relationships with parents who’ve experienced infant death, and so much more!

Denise is so passionate and her organization does such an incredible job of supplying human milk to those who need it most.

This episode begins with a testimonial of a Milk Minute Podcast listener who had to use donor milk for her son. Then, Maureen and Heather answer a listener question about using donor milk (that mom has in the freezer) because she’s going on antibiotics instead of direct breastfeeding. Finally, the infamous AWARD IN THE ALCOVE! Could it be you? It could be!

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