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Ep. 37 – History of Breastpumps: a remarkable journey

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Table of Contents
0:30 Welcome to the podcast!
1:05 Listener question of the week
4:10 Thank you to our sponsor Liquid IV
5:10 Thank you to our new Patron member: Rachel B.
5:40 Let’s talk breast pump history!
7:20 Earliest breastmilk removal device: ancient Greece
9:00 Glass extractors in Roman Empire
9:12 Gap from Greeks and Romans to 17th century
11:50 On to 18th Century
12:25 In the 1830s: attached to the wall!
14:23 The patent files
14:30 1854, Orwell Needham, “the father of breast pumps”
21:00 1898 Joseph Hoover’s invention
24:16 Gray and Gassin, 1874: new take on an old idea
24:55 This one has a flexible nipple piece
26:00 Thank you to our sponsor Breastfeeding for Busy Moms
26:45 Unknown inventor: looks like latch assist with milk reservoir
27:34 The faceless woman ad pump, 1903
28:30 Also 1903, Hubert H. Halstead’s contraption
30:30 Joel S. Gilbert’s patent: What is this?
31:49 1923, the first mechanical breast pump
32:28 The sexy breast pump ad
33:04 1926, Woodward Colby, looks like a modern pump
34:28 1929, Eric Lindquist gets in on pump designs
36:00 Dietrict Von Grolman, 1939
37:17 Paul W. Saunders, 1945, selling to hospitals
38:53 A big improvement, and, he’s Swedish
39:09 First hospital grade electric pump, 1942
41:12 We don’t see take-home pumps until the 1980s
42:29 1993, Amita makes first microprocessor pump
43:06 1998, really the first affordable home-use pumps
44:06 There’s room for a design revolution here people!
47:20 Thank you to our sponsor Aeroflow
49:18 Milk Minute Awards in the alcove!


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