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Ep. 28 – Insomnia Medications and Herbs during Lactation

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents
0:30 We’re talking about insomnia
1:15 Insomnia can mask other issues
2:05 Importance of treating insomnia
2:35 There are safe meds
2:55 Thank you to our sponsor Happi Tummi
4:35 DIY research tools
4:55 LactMed (by NIH) database
6:50 Infant risk database
7:40 Prep to see your provider
8:55 When to take meds; half-life consideration
9:30 First up: over-the-counter meds
9:35 Drugs like Aleve PM, Benadryl
10:30 Unisom
11:40 Melatonin
14:10 Thank you to our sponsor Aeroflow
16:05 On to prescription meds
16:15 Benzodiazepines, like Restoril and Halcion
16:45 Heather often recommends Trazodone
17:42 Silenor and Doxepin
18:26 Lunesta
19:05 Rozerem
19:44 Sonata and Zaleplon
20:05 Ambien
21:00 Birth can trigger earlier trauma
22:05 A few helpful DIY tactics
22:45 Five herbs from Herbalist Maureen
23:35 Valerian root
25:05 Hops (yes, what beer’s made of!)
26:57 Passion flower
28:55 Oat straw
30:25 Chamomile (aka Chi-momo-lay!)
34:00 Sources for quality herbs
34:52 What about catnip?
36:20 Thank you for tuning in!
The LactMed app is no longer available, but the database is:
The Infant risk database:
Mountain Rose Herbs:
Starwest Botanicals:
Pacific Botanicals:
Thanks to Cherie Louise Turner for editing and production, and to Lindsay Brett Carothers for her musical stylings of our intro and outro.
Additional music credits, thank you beetpro and Quality Online Media from Pixabay.
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