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Ep. 19: History Of Baby Formula

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents:
0:39 Some Feedback from Listeners, We love you!
7:12 Get ready for a bombshell
8:53 The history of formula, worldwide and USA
9:09 Way back in BCE…
10:30 from 2000 BCE to 1700, roll with it
11:13 Human Milk Composition understanding in 1760
11:53 timeline of the 1800s, beginning with the rubber nipple
13:24 1865 Liebig’s Soluble Food for Babies
15:17 Modern Food Preservation Techniques open the door…
17:53 Does Nestle Sound Familiar?
18:15 The Side-effects…
19:13 Death and Destruction
21:28 1890-1910 Germ Theory, Eureka! 
22:58 Welcome to the 20th century
23:30 1929 Welcome Soy Formula
24:20 Thanks Happi Tummi!
25:28 Similac Brand, “Similar to Lactation”
26:24 Starting the Cascade of Universal Formula Recommendation 
28:24 1929 AMA starts a committee to improve formula quality
29:41 By 1950 breastfeeding rate drops to under 50%
30:18 Birth rates decline, Marketing becomes aggressive
30:35 Pushing formula in developing countries….its just wrong
33:15 1967 Formula is Fortified with Vitamins! Yay!
33:56 1970’s Breastfeeding Advocacy Makes Noise!
34:10 1974 “The Baby Killer” is Published, Damning Formula Companies
35:14 1988 Formula Companies Advertise to Consumers Directly 
36:48 1981 WHA requires formula companies to specify that breastfeeding is superior to formula…..but they don’t
39:18 We have made some Progress! 
41:28 Billion Dollar Industry…
42:25 Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Formula Lobbying…
43:51 2018, no one adheres to the WHO’s marketing restrictions STILL
45:33 Breastfeeding Rates are on the Rise
47:40 Reminder, Formula is ok to use! We don’t hate formula, we hate evil corporations. 
50:35 Profit over People, it ain’t the way forward folks
Editing by Heather ONeal and music by Bella Zucker. Podcast produced by Heather ONeal and Maureen Farrell. Sources

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