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Ep. 14: Low Milk Supply: How to know if you’re making enough milk, and what to do about it.

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Show Notes:

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Table of Contents:
0:30 Catch up with Maureen and Heather
5:12 Do I have Enough Milk?
5:33 Why do so many people have (or think they have) low supply? It starts with birth…
6:59 Maternity Leave Bullshit
7:45 You body didn’t fail! Society Failed YOU!
8:09 Pumping in the 1st 6 weeks
8:40 What is low supply really??
9:30 Low Milk Supply…an Over Diagnosis
12:50 Some of the ways the System can fail You
13:30 Breastfeeding as an ongoing Conversation
14:44 Supplementing should come with a Timeline 
15:00 Top Off Cycle
16:14 What’s the Goal?
17:00 Great Expectations, Why do we think we need to pump extra?
18:50 What your pump can remove may not prove supply!
19:45 Is the problem Low Supply? Or is it Low Confidence?
20:00 Fear Mongering
22:00 You are Amazing! Pep talk!
22:26 So you don’t make enough milk, what now?
22:35 The First Six Weeks
29:00 Skin-to-skin
30:00 Feed on Demand
31:00 After the first 6 weeks…
32:30 Power Pumping
33:50 Consistency of Intervention
35:03 Why Else Might This Be Happening??
37:00 Progesterone and Prolactin
38:38 Are you….pregnant?
Editing by Heather ONeal and music by Bella Zucker.Podcast produced by Heather ONeal and Maureen Farrell.

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