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Ep. 110 Pump Review Pt. 2

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This is Maureen Farrell and Heather ONeal and this is The Milk Minute. We’re midwives and lactation professionals bringing you the most up-to-date evidence for all things lactation. So you can feel more confident about feeding your baby, body positivity, relationships, and mental health. Plus we laugh a little or a lot along the way.

So join us for another episode. Welcome back to The Milk Minute Podcast. I’m so happy to be here and get my mind blown yet again, in part two of our series on breast pumps. Yes. We’ve decided to just call this a series because you know what, every damn day I see a new pump that I haven’t tried yet. Yeah. And it’s just going to have to be a series that goes on into the sunset because there is no end in sight for the amount of what do you, what do you call it?

Like who is even making these? Is it engineers? Like, is this: A. Is this aggressive, manipulative marketing to make more money off of postpartum parents? Or B. Is it improvements to a shitty piece of machinery that is necessary for many breastfeeding parents and is it helping them? Right. Both? It would be great if we had this huge, like research, manufacturing dump, and then we were able to sift through and then only keep the ones we want.

But instead I feel like it’s just going to be really conflated. No, and I think that you hit the nail on the head though, well, maybe like sideways on the head. But I think that the problem is, is we don’t actually have a lot of real like, well, like, do we have any well conducted studies on pumping?

Not really, no. And so like, you know, we just have a lot of random companies deciding they’re going to make pumps and they’re going to do whatever the fuck they want. And I’m just out here hoping that we don’t have parents and babies who are suffering because of it. And so anyway. So today I’m going to review kind of like two slash three pumps. 

I have the Imani from Legendairy Milk and then from Freemie, I have the Independence and the Liberty. So kind of like one review split into two parts. But before we do that, can you bring us in with a good question? I can. 

So today’s question comes from a person we’ve actually gotten to know pretty well over the past year or so Kati Graciela Eakin-Ayala, I apologize if I didn’t get that right. Kati says, so I’m pregnant with our second little animal spawn and the beautiful wives tale that pregnancy clears your skin quote, unquote, I already found to be false. But my question is, is it normal to get pimples on your areola? Didn’t get them with the first, but this bad boy came this time around and I’m like, why? 

Okay, Kati so the answer is yes, but they’re not pimples most likely. They’re probably just your Montgomery glands that are looking pimply. They’re kind of like raised, probably whitish bumps, but even if they are pimples, don’t pop them. Right. And it could be a pimple because pimples are basically when your sebaceous glands get gunked up and bacteria gets involved and then it gets angry. But your Montgomery glands are glands that secrete fluid that actually keeps your areola nice and moist.

So, I mean, yeah, basically just keep it clean. Don’t pop it. Please resist the urge. Treat it the same. Bumps are normal. Smells are normal. And I’m sorry about acne. I also get acne early in pregnancy. It happens. I get acne just all the time. Yeah. All the time. It’s the, for me, I think it’s the progesterone rise that gives me acne because I also get it the second half of my menstrual cycle.

Oh yeah. I just get it pretty much all the time. My skin looks amazing the day I ovulate. That’s how I know because I’m like, oh, damn, who’s this? I did like third trimester. I do glow. And don’t get pimples, so that’s nice. So maybe look forward to that. I don’t know, but also, maybe not, and whatever. Pimples are fine and you’re still beautiful.

Yeah, totally. Don’t pop it. Trust me. Don’t pop it. I’ve done it. Don’t do it. Same. Same though. How did we survive to feed any babies? I don’t know. I’m not sure.

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So click the link in the show notes to learn more about my private consults and make sure that we can get you what you need. I look forward to working with you. Bye.

Okay. Are you guys excited to hear about pumps? I’m overwhelmed by the pumps so I can’t even imagine how you all feel because I mean, I guess on the flip side, when you’re confused, you come to me and you pull out of your bag in my office, a new pump that I’ve never heard of, never seen before, and you go, how do I use this?

And I’m like, let’s find out together. Oh my gosh, another one. Heather loves to text me and she’s like, do you know anything about this pump at all? I text her all the time. And thankfully the answer is usually yes. And I’m happy to say that. I feel like for the first time in my life, I might know something about pumping.

Yeah. Actually, our first breast pump review episode was a huge hit with lactation consultants because they’re like, finally, somebody who’s actually used them is telling us, like, not just I like it, or I don’t like it, but like, here’s what it feels like, here’s my output, here’s my concerns, which is nice.

This one’s a little more organized and I tried harder this time. Okay. Oh you don’t have to say that. But I do have to be honest cause that’s why you guys love us. We’re always doing our best. Just know that. 

So let’s start with the Freemie pumps. Can we start with them? Do you feel good? Yeah. Okay. So the Freemie is a company that produces portable pumps where the motor fits on your hip and then a tube goes to cups in your bra. So kind of like the Elvie Stride, except these guys were way before then. And I have the Liberty and the Independence with me and I’m just going to be clear, pretty sure the only difference is that the Liberty has like a light-up LCD screen and it tells you like how long you’ve been pumping.

Aren’t those also the names of the spaceships in the movie Armageddon? Don’t know. Could be. I’m pretty sure the Freedom and Independence, and that’s all I’m thinking about now. Sure why not? And just price points. When I looked today for updated prices, I found the Independence, it was on sale on Freemie’s website for $139, so that’s super affordable. 

And then the Liberty is the one with the screen, and I found it for $199 on Amazon as the cheapest source. So not the cheapest pumps, but pretty affordable overall. So how about I just like give you guys some audio context for this. I think these are pretty quiet pumps overall.

So this is the Independence. Just going to turn this bad boy up.

Yeah. And by the way, it looks like a, is that a hexagon? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So yeah, so they look like little gray hexagonal sandwich containers, almost like something you’d get a sandwich or like an orange. They’re about an inch and a half thick and like, three and a half inches across. Yeah, they’re pretty compact. Here’s the Liberty.

Pretty much the same. They look exactly the same. Those definitely came from the same factory. Yeah. And I really do think like the only upgrade is just that it like has a timer and it tells you stuff on the screen. Though, on the Independence, it just has like little lights that show you what suction level you’re at and everything.

But anyway, both of these felt the same to me. So they both have 10 different speeds of suction and 10 different levels of strength for suction. So that is actually really customizable. Yeah, it is compared to the other like portable ones, right? Yeah. Cause a lot of those just have stimulation and expression and that’s what you’re stuck with.

But for this one you can, you have 10 different levels of the cycles you want. Almost like the Spectra? Yeah. So you basically have a hundred options, right? 10 times 10, which is a lot. And I did find though that the suction strength does seem to change with the cycle speed. So even if I’m on level seven of suction, if I’m using the fastest cycle speed, the 10, it feels weaker than if I’m using the slowest cycle speed, the one. 

And I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen, but it’s, I definitely noticed that. That’s interesting. Yeah. And I’ve noticed that in a couple other pumps too, and I’m not sure if that’s just because if it’s being sucked for longer, you know, because when you go to those slower cycles, it’s like. 

And also in-between sucks it probably has more time to build up resistance for the next suck. Right. So I’m not sure like what dynamic is at play there, but I definitely feel that with a lot of pumps. If you’re an engineer that knows anything about intermittent sucking mechanics, let us know what’s going on there. Yeah, but it’s not like a continuous suction or anything.

Definitely really clearly like suck and nothing, suck, nothing. So they’re pretty quiet and discreet. And like for y’all busty friends, you could fit this between your boobs. Cause, I can, I can just put this in my bra and it totally disappears. That’s nice, which is fun. So, but how, maybe I’m skipping ahead, but is this like a situation where the tubing is threaded up through your shirt like the Elvie stride? 

Yeah. Yeah. So they have waist clips and it’s compatible tubing with the Spectra. I think it’s like all the same size and you’ve got the cups in your bra. And then the tubing, usually you want to put like, under your bra, under your shirt and like around the back and put the pump on your back.

It’s like, exactly like the Elvie stride, but more customizable, like the Spectra? Yeah, but I will say I hate the cups. Now Freemie does sell slim fit cups that are much more similar in size to the stride. They’re like four or five ounce cups, but these, these pumps come with eight ounce cups. Oh. And they’re freaking huge.

And they’re not all that comfortable. I don’t feel like they’re comfortable, even with nice cushy inserts. I felt, I felt like they were just uncomfortable the whole time. And so I was like a little tense while using it. Cause I was like, ugh, this is uncomfortable. And then I didn’t get great output with them, but I felt like the suction was strong enough.

I was just feeling discomfort. So I hate the cups. I want to throw them in the trash. So really quick. Cause back when I was breastfeeding Heidi, I don’t think those existed yet, but the Freemie cups existed as like, buy them separate. So what happened was when I just used the cups with my Medela the suction quality went so far down because the, it was just extending the like the tubing, it was like an extension on the tubing too. 

So maybe it didn’t fit super well. Yeah, it just, I lost a ton of suction that way and I just felt like is useless. These cups are finicky. Like, if you don’t have them put together just right, you lose suction. And I think that is the biggest complaint I’ve seen about the Freemie and my biggest complaint too, was like, I couldn’t just like slap them together and go. It’s one of those things where you really have to take a minute and you’re like, squish it together.

Are the gaskets in place? Is this in the right spot? Okay. Put the, like, you know, put the tubing in just right. And then it’s fine. But if you’re not doing that, you’re like, why don’t I have suction? What’s going on? Hmm. Maybe that was my problem. Probably, especially if you had to use a tubing adapter, like sometimes those are just crap.

That was my one and only attempt at adapting my breast pump in any way. And then I was like, this is so annoying and I just quit. I’m sorry, but you know what? These are small and sturdy. Like I feel like if, if Lyra kicked it off the couch, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Right. And I would, I feel like if I tried the slim fit cups, I might like it, but they’re expensive and I didn’t want to buy them.

My other complaint though, is that the battery doesn’t last that long and they’re really slow to charge. So I feel like I get like two or three pumps out of them and then I have to charge them, but then it takes a really long time to charge. I want to bet anything that the most expensive part of any of these pumps are the battery.

Yeah. Well, and like, it’s amazing. My Spectra, I just used literally for 36 hours straight while I was working and I did not have to charge it. Yeah, exactly. But how expensive is it? It’s not that expensive. But it’s big. The Spectra 1 compared to the 2 is more expensive and it’s the battery. But also they’re not trying to make the battery compact in that thing.

Right. That’s big. Like this it’s like probably the battery is the size of your phone battery. Yeah. You know, so I, that probably that quality has to suffer in a lot of these small portable pumps. So per your request, I’m using a number system to grade these this time out of 10. Oh, a number? We’re not doing letters anymore.

No. I made like a, I, well, I decided letters were hard because they feel subjective. So I made myself like a little rubric and we’re rating these out of 10 now. Okay. So I’m going to say I’m giving the Freemie a 7 out of 10 because a lot of people do love it. But I, and the biggest complaint I had was really the cups.

Now, if this is going to be your main pump for everything, I’d probably give it a lower score, but just as like a part-time, I’m using it at the store, in the car, it’s pretty great. Okay, 7. And it’s pretty good. Affordable. Yeah. So, you know, I’m down with it, but I’m not, it’s not going to be like, I’m just gonna like, give these pumps to someone else now though cause I have such similar pumps that, that fill the same purpose. 

So, okay. Well the next review might not be so nice. Oh dear. Are you ready to hear about the Imani? I am. Okay. So the Imani pump, it’s identical to the Momcozy and the knockoff mom cozies and whatever, but it’s made by Legendairy Milk.

And here I’m just handing you the motor. It looks pretty sleek, you know, like the coloring and I mean, it just, it looks nice, but it is exactly like the Momcozy. You have the motor on backwards. I do? Like this. I do appreciate that they have made some of the smaller parts, bright orange. Yeah. So they’re hard to lose. Like the duck bill and the backflow protector are hot orange.

So thanks. That feels like an improvement. The cup. The actual cup is a clear plastic and not a frosted plastic. Don’t know why. So you can see your nipple placement. Yeah, that helps I guess. But here, here are some problems. They come with 28 millimeter flanges, which means if you need inserts, you basically have to buy them from Legendairy Milk because they have to fit a 28 millimeter flange.

Is this a Legendairy Milk pump? Yeah. Oh. So you can’t just use like any inserts because they all are compatible with 24 millimeter. Yeah. Cause most pumps come with a 24 so any inserts can be universally exchanged between them. But Legendairy Milk was like, we need more money. I don’t know. And like, I get that people with larger nipples also need pumps, but usually you can just like for a lot of the pumps you can decide when you buy it, what size flange you want it to come with.

But this is new. So maybe that’s coming. One cool thing is that you can buy a little cap that goes in place of the motor to make it compatible with other pumps so that they work just like the regular Legendairy cups. What are the regular Legendairy cups like? They look exactly like that, but instead of a motor on top, there’s a little round cap with a hole for tubing.

So you can buy the same little round cap with a hole for tubing that fits in to make them more versatile. So that’s good. This one is one that’s wearable, like in case you don’t know what the Momcozy is. Everything is in your bra. Okay. However, it has not made very many improvements over the Momcozy.

I will say I like the suction better on this. It’s still kind of the same where it has stimulation, expression mode, that’s it. And then five levels of suction. So here, let’s listen.

And it’s not super quiet or discrete or anything. But I did like the pattern better than the Momcozy’s. It didn’t have that really weird, like, the Momcozy’s they’ll do like light suck, light suck, suck out your soul. And then like a light suck and a light suck. This doesn’t do that. So thank you.

Cause that just felt like my nipples are being pulled off my body. So, so that’s good. And I felt like I responded pretty well to this one but let me just tell you a story. Oh, no. Story of lost milk. So the first day I decided to try this I’d like just gotten it in the mail and cleaned it and then Lyra was being real fussy about naps.

I was like, let’s go for a drive. Here, Griffin, put on your headphones and play Minecraft. And we’ll just nap in the car. So she falls asleep and we get home and she’s napping in the driveway. And I was like, you know what I should do? I should get my brand new Imani pumps and try them in the car while I’m waiting for her to wake up.

So I really carefully put them together and I put them in my bra and I walk out to the car and just sit there and like listen to some podcasts and pump. And I kind of like peek in and I’m like, Ooh, I’m actually getting some milk. That’s wonderful. These are going to be great. And then I, after like 20 minutes, I was like, okay, I’m done pumping.

I’ll just pop inside and empty them. And I get inside and I’ve got one of these like really kind of more padded supportive, like bras on. And I unclip them and go to take out the first one and there’s no milk in it. And I like pull down the bra and there’s literally a puddle just sitting in my bra and I just stood there and watched it like slowly absorb. Oh my God. What a nightmare.

Into the fabric. And the same thing happened on the other side. And this is the fucking problem with these silicone flange cups. Is that any little bit of friction around the rim pops it off and then they leak. Yeah. And this one even has a handy, dandy, little, extra tab on the bottom to make it even easier. 

And while I get that, that is probably more accessible for a lot of people, what the fuck? Well, and that also sucks. No pun intended, because most people are using these in a working situation when they’re moving. And I just don’t understand. And also with gravity, you know, it’s like not only is it opening and creating an opening where milk can come out, it’s going to come out in the fastest way possible because of gravity.

It’s not like you know, a traditional flange setup with a flange and a backflow protector where right. And I love the feel of the silicone flanges, but I’m just like, isn’t there a way to then make the rim hard plastic? Or you have a clip on the side and locks it into place. And when you call these companies like Momcozy or Legendairy and you’re like, I’m having this problem.

Do you know what they tell you? They tell you to tape it. Tape it? They say, just tape the bottom and it won’t happen. I’m sorry. This pump costs $139 and you’re telling me to put electrical tape on it? Yeah. That’s and then like, how many times a day are you supposed to do that? You got to carry a roll of tape with you and it’s going to be all sticky and then you can’t resell it?

And then, and I will say, like, I’ve talked to a lot of people who use these pumps and about half of them are like, I don’t know what you’re talking about. And the other half are like, yeah, they leak every time or sometimes, or I have to tape them now. And so I don’t know if it’s something about like our shape of boobs or what we’re doing while pumping. Like, I have really large breasts and my nipples are downies.

And so, like I find this style just really challenging, cause there’s a lot of weight on top and the cup is really big and it just feels like it’s hard for me to fit something this large in my bra with all the breast tissue I have. And then that the weight is all wrong. Like, I feel like I want the motor on the bottom.

Why is the motor on the top? I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right. And then like, I have to decide I’m like, does my bra go like, do I slip it like below the motor? Or do I try to tuck the whole thing in? So if I tucked the whole thing in, then the top of my, like the, the seam of my bra, the inner seam like pushes down on the motor and then it pops the bottom out.

Oh. And I feel like that’s part of what is popping the flange off. And I just don’t, I feel like I’ve tried and I’ve tried this thing like five times after that. And it leaked on me every time. Why could it not be more like the Elvie where it has a hole in the top that then you pour it out? Well, it does have a hole in the top for pouring out, but they make this removable for cleaning.

Right. And I’m just like, what if we like the inner part of the flange was silicone and then by some manufacturing magic, you fused it to a ring of hard plastic. What if you did? What if we did that? Anyway this pump fills me with rage but it has like pretty strong suction. It’s not the strongest. I can, I can use the strongest level of suction, but it is not comfortable.

And I felt like the actual motor and everything was pretty effective and it got milk out. It’s mostly just this cup and flange design that there is something deeply flawed. And I feel like this company and all the companies that make these should fix it. It’s their problem. It’s their fault. So between that one and the Momcozy and the generic mom cozy from China, which one do you like the best?

This one probably gets the most milk. Because they all have the same cup problem for me. Right. But I like the orange parts and I like the way this motor works. So they fixed some of it. Sort of. And it has a decent battery life and it charges pretty quick. Okay. But I’m still giving this one a fucking 4 out of 10, because if I can’t actually have any of the milk I pumped, why am I pumping?

Right. That’s like going to work and then you finished your shift and your boss goes, you’re not getting paid today. What if I took the money and I showed it to you and then just like fluttered it away in the wind. Set it on fire. How would that feel? That’s what using this pump feels like to me. Yeah. No, thank you. Nope.

Not into it. Bunch of bullshit. Yeah. And it might not even be the one you want in an emergency if it’s not reliable. I mean, that’s the thing like, and, and so I’m going to find somebody, I don’t know, maybe somebody who has smaller boobs, who can just have this and use it. Cause I don’t know. I don’t know why it doesn’t work with me.

It’s, it’s very confusing to me when I talked to people who are like, I love this pump. It’s my favorite. What, what are, what do your boobs do? What are your boobs? Show me your boobs. Yeah. Can you like, and, and like inevitably. And I can’t say, but what these people’s boobs all look like, but I just feel like they must all look like the person in the advertisement who like, it fits just perfectly in their bra with their B cups, you know?

I don’t know. But I mean, I don’t know. It’s just like a lot of pressure to get the right pump for you because your insurance will pay for only some. And then do you upgrade? And it’s like, how much money do you want to spend? I would rather save my money. I think I would rather get one really good pump.

Yeah. And then have like a kind of good spare pump. And then I would rather save the rest of my money for like milk storage and wet bags and like baskets for my stations to just make me feel good in other ways, instead of having like 12 pumps. So I’ve also wondered if the flange popping off might be a manufacturer’s defect. 

And it might like, you know how like sometimes they’ll realize a manufacturer’s defect is like, oh, that one factory that’s making them is doing something wrong. Like I’m wondering, are these all coming from like the one factory that doesn’t make them right? Maybe. I mean, that’s a question for Legendairy, you know, and if you’re with Legendairy, let us know.

I mean, we’d love to hear the story of like how this pump came to be, what problems you’re trying to solve for and you know, what problems you’re trying to solve for now. I wanted to love this. Well, I like the company. I looked at this and I was like, it’s cute. And I hope it’s better than the Momcozy.

And it was until it leaked. And you know, I’m also wondering too, like, is this just not like sturdy enough silicone? Cause I do have one friend who used them for like two months with no problems. And then they started leaking and I recommended she replaced the flange and it fixed the problem for her.

Yeah. So, I don’t know, guys. I have feelings. 4? About this one. Sticking with a 4. Yeah. I hate to do it. Hate to do it. Cause honestly I like Legendairy as a company. I wanted to love it. I think they are truly making products that are for solving problems for lactating people. Well, I’m currently clutching this pump to my bosom I’m feeling sad about it.

She is. Yeah, it looks very sad. I’m sorry. It’s okay. It just, honestly, it makes me feel like something’s wrong with me. You know what I mean? Like I know intellectually it’s the pump and not me, but when I use them and they don’t work and then I ask the company and they’re like, put some tape on it. I’m like, so you’re telling me, it’s my boobs that are the problem? Thanks.

So that isn’t a good feeling. No. Oh, that’s not a good feeling. And you know, when they’re like put some tape on it, that does make it seem like it’s you. Yep, absolutely. So anyway I want better customer service next time, and I just want a better pump. Please fix this. If you, if anyone from Legendairy Milk hears this and they fix it, I’ll try it again. 

Yep. Send it to us. All right. That’s all I’m reviewing for today. Okay. I think it’s better to do it in little chunks. I think so too. And the timestamps will be in the show notes for these specific pumps. And we are going to do a little video for our patrons. So if you want to see it in person, well, if you want to see it on videos, you can see what we’re actually talking about.

I mean this is what in-person is in the pandemic now. Right? It’s on Zoom. Yeah. If you would like to see a video of these pumps, you can join our Patreon at Yes. Ma’am.

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Well, let’s end on a high note and give somebody an award. Let us. All right. Today’s award goes to one of our favorite Canadians, Samantha Dawn. Oh, Sam! Sam says I’ve established boundaries with my wild ass toddler, who will be two on June 1st. We have also begun the official last stretch of weaning. In the last 48 hours, we’ve nursed twice. 

Okay. But the best part is that I haven’t had any clogs. Wow! That’s amazing because Heather and I both know that Sam has struggled with clogs, especially like on one random day, her baby won’t nurse right and then like, bam. Yep. Her baby wasn’t holding his mouth right. Clog. Yeah. So we are super excited for you to have boundaries and feel like you have a little bit of freedom and you’re not just being touched out all the time.

We’re going to give you the Last Frontier Award, because you’re almost there. You’re almost there. You’re setting these boundaries and you’re really, you know, working hard to make sure that it is what you want it to be. Exploring new options for setting boundaries with a toddler who gives you something new every day.

So it does feel like frontiering, and also you live in a very cold place that is actually a new frontier in my mind. I’ve never been there, but Saskatchewan feels like a frontier in and of itself. So, well, we love you very much, Sam, and we’re super proud of you for knowing what you want and taking the steps to get there.

Yes, we are absolutely proud of you. And we’re here for ya. All right. Well, everybody, thank you for listening to another episode of The Milk Minute Podcast, the way we changed this gigantic system that is not set up for lactating parents is by educating ourselves, our friends and our children. If you want more of us and special things that nobody else gets, you should join us on Patreon.

It’s And just for as little as $1 a month, you can support us and get cool stuff. Right. And if you are a top tier patron, you can message us anytime with your breastfeeding questions and we get right back to ya. We don’t leave our people hanging. You get Heather and Maureen in your pocket.

In your pocket. In your pocket. Okay. Before we get too silly, goodbye. Goodbye. Thanks for listening to The Milk Minute. If you haven’t already please like, subscribe, and review our podcast wherever you listen. If you’d like to support our podcast, you can find us on Patreon at To send us feedback, personal stories, or just a chat, you can send us an email at


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