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Bonus Episode – Current Events June 2022

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Show Notes:

Current events have been challenging to keep up with, every day feels like the headlines are making history globally and here in the USA. Today on the Milk Minute your hosts have a little candid chit chat about what’s going on in the US and how it affects our listeners. M & H talk about the Supreme Court, the PUMP act, the Formula act, and more. Join them for a little bonus mid-week mini-sode.

Find your local abortion fund: Abortion is Essential!
Open, Non-judgmental Talk Space: All-Options Talkline
Access BC, Plan B, and more: three for freedom
Find a provider: Find A Provider – National Abortion Federation
Case manager support, NAF hotline & referal line: NAF Hotline – National Abortion Federation.
Transport for abortion care and more: The Brigid Alliance: Getting People to Abortion Care, Whatever It Takes
Free flights in the continental US for inaccessible healthcare: Elevated Access
Need someone to talk to after an abortion?: Exhale
Guttmacher Institute for reproductive health: Guttmacher Institute
Center for Reproductive Rights: Center for Reproductive Rights

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